Could someone help me walkthrough the armor

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i am a beginner i have never seen these armors but i am a big halo fan i want to finish it before november because halo 3s release date and how do you make gloves boots and the chest and leg plate and helmet whoever helps me ill give a suit to but i will make 2 and give one to them just give adress i send 2nd to you in big box. :mrgreen:
well, we'll all try to help you out but we all will expect a suit ;-) jk. if you are on a tight budget you might want to consider making your suit out of something like foamboard, cardboard, or paper mache.

look here and here for some inspiration.

I just sent you another pm. If you've got questions on a certain process or piece, feel free to pm me or even just post your question here. We'll all help you.

Another thing that would really help is reading through some of the topics in this section. It's timing consuming but trust me, it REALLY helps.
I am amassing a huge tutorial with everything you might be dreaming of. It's a total walk through and material and supply guide. I should be done in a week or two, but if you absolutely need it now, or need anything specific to get started, I can send you an advance of what I have done so far.

At this point I have completed :

Preface: Disclaimers and notes to the Armor Making Community
Chapter 1. Discussion of methods
A. Casting
B. Vacuum formed
C. Fabricated Plastic
D. Manufacturing

Chapter 2. Getting started
A. Gathering your resources
B. Tools and equipment
C. Materials for making armor
D. Saftey issues.

Chapter 3. Patterning the Armor -basics

PM me with your email address, it's still in MS Word doc form...I'm still writing it :$ops:

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