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do you think that you get to be a covenent in online mode and still get up grades only master cheif knows :unsure:
From what I've gathered, in Multiplayer (if that's what you're talking about) you can make Spartan, Elite, and Brute characters.
It was in the August scans, I believe.
Brutes in Campaign have invinciability power ups, also will be in muliplayer but will RARELY be seen ( Credit to MLG Cheehwawa )

Looking back on this, it might just mean that the powerup is in Multiplayer...
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I think it would be cool to be a brute in MP. Then you could punch somebody's face clean off :dee:
I know the topics a little dead, but the article wasn't talking about Brutes being in multiplayer, it was talking about the Invincibility power up being a rare find in multiplayer matches. Brutes could be a potentially neat option, but if they were planning on putting them in multiplayer, Bungie would've said something by now. They wouldn't take the risk of adding them in and not telling anyone because Bungie knows that fan feedback is what has driven alot of the improvements and add ons to Halo 3 Multiplayer. Besides, if enough people got the game and decided they wanted to be a Brute in multiplayer, Bungie could(possibly) make a patch that you could download to add them in.
Well, in one of the Weekly Updates, Frankie said that the Brutes would NOT be a playable character in Multiplayer.
yeah months ago they even said brutes will not be added in and even though I have heard talk of them being in MP it is just rumors with no source and Bungie nor any of their affiliates have even mentioned in the slightest at this

the elites on the other hand they have basically guarnteed to be in
Oh, most definitely, what with the extra armor and all. In Single player, you play the whole thing as the Master Chief. In Co-op, the second player plays as the Arbiter, and I think that when Arbiter is not available, they play as Johnson.
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