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So i beat Crackdown and had a blast doing it, very fun game for something i thought i was just buying for H3 beta(Crackdown kidda reminds me of a funner GTA). Im now finishing maxing out my skills.

I thought what the narrator says at the end of the game was a little disturbing but sets us up for Crackdown II, but i wont say anymore casue i dont wanna ruin it for people still playing.


Oh in case no found this, if you go to the crackdown marketplace, youll find four characters you can downlaod for free(I use the last man with the GoW looking helm :mrgreen: )

So whats everyone else thing of Crackdown?
my friend got it and I still think its sweet especially when you got 2 guys even with only half their skill filled fighting each other cars being thrown around giant explosions, rooftop chases, also when fully upgraded I think the 2nd to last guy will look more like Carmine from GoW
I :heart: Crackdown. I have 4 star agility, and most of my time is spent jumping all over Shai Gen. But I've been trying to max out my driving skill right now, to get bad-@$$ looking cars :)

If anyone wants to, I'll play co=op with you, but I can't find my headset right now :duh: So yeah.......
my friend has 4 star strength and 3 agility, maybe 3 explosive

Vehicle abilities (activated at 3 or 4 stars)
Super Car-given machine guns
SUV-can jump and drive on vertical surfaces, originally a glitch)
Semi-turbo good for destroying most vehicles
did you climb to the top of the agency yet, you get one for that, and then one for jumping into the water from there
Some people say that Crackdown is a GTA rip off, but heres the thing, Crackdown was made by the guy who made the first GTA... So its not a rip off XD
well its beaten really fast but if you got live you can play co-op online and have matches against your friend, its same as the single layer, you can go around and beat the bosses in any order there is no pre set missions other then defeat the 3 crime families, and even after they are defeated you can have crime turned on, so if you are not having a super powered battle with a bridge worth of cars exploding you can kick the ass of weak little nothings on the street
It's definately worth buying. It's super fun, nice co-op (I'm assuming, because mine simply refuses to work right now [Help?]), and, of course, the Halo 3 beta (better buy it at Best Buy, though, they still have launch copies I hear.
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