crazy pic

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this is the original pic


this is after i highlight part of it so you can see better


that happened to me alot today, very laggy, sniper shots where bouncing off everything.



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well i had one that happened after that where i was running up to this guy, i jumped, he had a sniper, and shot at the ground, it bounced off the ground and hit me from the bottom, to id say anything it the conditions are right.
Vader said:

This game wasn't laggy - the second ricochet went under my foot.
There's a video out there where someone got two headshots with one snipe. Went through the first guy, bounced off the wall, then the second guy. On Last Resort.
Found it =

i have a video in my fileshare where my friends little brother got two headshots and one body kill with a single sniper shot. it was a triple kill from one bullet, pretty awesome.
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Doesn't beat my quad-kill on the Ark campaign mission. One sniper rifle + one bullet + four brutes = OVERKILL!

wish i had a pic though. i forgot to take one.
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