Deaths in Halo 3

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I couldn't start this in the Halo Universe section for some reason, so here it is:

We all expected good marines to die, and tragedy to befall in the storyline. Who of the UNSC lost struck you the most? For me personally, it was Miranda. I half expected her to die, not having known her character that well, but not like that. Especially how much it affected Johnson. So, which death affected you guys the most?
johnson, he was the most diehard defender of earth, a great guy trying to do everything he possibly could. he should have been the man in cheifs armor.
Yes i'd have to say Johnson as well.

Mirandas death was bad but Johnson has been in the story for longer and he's funny as.
Sgt. Johnson, without a doubt. After the entire trilogy, escaping the flood, capture at the hands of Elites and Brutes, and to get whacked at the end, it sucked. Not even a heroic death in the midst of battle, but ambushed by the Monitor. Sucked bigtime.

Miranda- comes in to rescue the Sarge, whacks a few grunts, stands there, listens to the prophet tell her " You can't get them all", lowers her guard and gets whacked right away?!?! Bogus!!

Same guy musta come up with both ideas how and why to eliminate them... :cautious:
I'd say that little marine who was saying "Ouraaaah!" each time I was jumping in the warthog.

He his death, because he decided to exit the warthog when we were jumping. He fall down 150 meters.

And maybe sarge ;)
It's kind of off topic (in my own one, no less!) but I told a friend "A lot of good people die..." when he asked how Halo 3 was. He said "Hey! Don't ruin it for me!" and I gave him this estranged look, replying "What!? I really liked Random Marine X! He helped me kill a wraith..." funny moment.
Yeah johnson....How the hell did the monitor kill him?!?! IF I was johnson then I would have jumped on top of him a ridden him killing all the flood, that would have been a cool ending.....
Mirandas death was poorly done. She just came without any good plan and died.
But well... a commander who replies "to war" on the question "Where do you want us to go?" don't seem to be cut for the role, honestly ;)

No death really affected me. Johnsons was pretty realistic in the sense that he was killed by a silly flying robot instead of going out in blaze of glory that you'd expected from a guy like him.
Overall I miss Captain Keyes, he was a good captain missed his voice. Can't bielieve he was consumed by the flood.

In halo 2 i dont think anyone died but the marines.

Halo 3 was Johnson for sure, he is funny as heck.
Leadingspartan said:
Overall I miss Captain Keyes, he was a good captain missed his voice. Can't bielieve he was consumed by the flood.

In halo 2 i dont think anyone died but the marines.

Halo 3 was Johnson for sure, he is funny as heck.
im gunna have to agree w/ you 100%
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I have never played CE but I have read, Fall of Reach, The Flood, and First Strike and yes Captain Keyes was kinda rude to John but he was awesome. But sadly the topic is in Halo 3, so I will have to say that one marine in the level The Covenant, gets shot by the Wraith if he is in the gunner and you just get out of the Warthog and he gets blown up, It touches me everytime I do that on purpose! :(
Id have to say the best death in the halo series including books was kurt on onyx.

"this shall be the last battle and you shall die" says voro

"Die" kurt laughes. "Havent you heard" pause "Spartans never die"

BOOM kurt detonates the fernis warheads destroying the whole covanent fleet and triggering the destruction of onyx.
Personally I don't think Miranda Keyes was that good of a character...just kinda random and I honestly did not care about her at all. Johnson's death was bad, cause for lack of a better description, he rocks. Did anyone notice Capt. Keyes' picture on the tail of the ship at the end cinematic? I couldn't spot him 3 times through. Kinda odd that he wouldn't be on it. I'm just glad the Arbiter or Chief didn't die...although before I watched after the credits (first time through I hit A after Bungie's little 'thanks for being awesome video' and thought that was the end) I was pretty upset I thought the MC died haha. Then I was....advised to watch through it again, and it was a MUCH better ending. Not only cause Masterchief was alive, but just in all it had much better closure and seemed a lot more serious.
wow... halo 3 did a bad job of improvising death... i didnt even notice miranda died

espiacially Johnson.... i know so many players that didnt even know about it becaue ur to busy fighting and you might not even see the red beam

it should have jumped to some cool video when he fired the spartan laser. well i cant go back and watch now since half the levels dont work "xbox shreded up my halo disc"

the only death that got to me was captain keyes since it was a video and not something happening while playing. lol i feel bad for the grunts in h3 " ohh noooo my frieeennddd "
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