Favourite Halo Weapon Combo

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So seeing as though I've just started playing Halo online, (Infinite because it looked wicked) in the last 3months or so, I thought I might start a thread on what everyone's favourite weapon combos are. Any Halo, any gun, any vehicle, and any ability, etc... Start by listing the game (e.g Infinite), the game mode (slayer, campaign, firefight), then your weapons. If you want to explain why then do so.

I'll go first....

Halo Infinite... in campaign... the purge shockrifle an striker sidekick.

Why you may ask? Because the sidekick is friggin' awesome, that's why! Plus, the shock rifle is great for downing and skyjacking banshees to traverse the map (wasp is good, just a little slow).

In multiplayer super fiesta... the bloodblade energy sword and rocket launcher... with the boost ability.

Because nothing's better the slashing up 3 different enemies within seconds of one another and no one has a clue what happened because you where invisible :)

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