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Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by Gilmortar, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Gilmortar

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    Hey all my Denver/Springs/CO folk, thinking since it has begun warming up, we can setup a build party. We have a 4 car sized garage filled with tools and different materials and casting agents, could easily get a group of people over for some friendly building and face seeing.

    Anyone up to here in a few weeks?
  2. Angus314

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    I'd be up! When were you thinking?
  3. Gilmortar

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    I figure a weekend. However, next weekend I have Army obligations, so I'm thinking the 2nd weekend of May perhaps?
    Everyone bring what you are currently working on, Halo or not!

    I myself will probably be working on Hydra and My's Mass Effect and Destiny outfits.
  4. SwedishNinja

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    I would love to come over to work on my witch king costume and Becs little mermaid costume but we are going to Mexico in 2 weeks and we're in the process of building a chicken coop but maybe some June action after DCC
  5. FANGS

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    Sounds like fun! Be sure to take lots of pictures so we can put some faces to the board names!
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