Denver Build Party


Alright guys, we've been talking about it on facebook, now let's make it official on the forums. There's going to be a build party in Denver! No-one's quite sure when or where we can do this quite yet but by golly it's going to happen. It looks like before we get anything started, there's going to be a meeting over food sometime soon. Be sure to check facebook for more details. I'm going to quote what I posted to get this started and if anyone has any input or more information, please don't hesitate to make yourself heard! I will be keeping this updated with information for the event as it presents its-self.

Okay, with disasters in rondo and fiberglass pending, I could really use some help figuring out how to smooth out some armor and just polish it up in general. So I suppose this is a call to action post. I'll make soemthing in the forums too, but I think we should have a build party. Preferably before the weather goes to hell. This would be in Denver. That's really the only specific I have right now. Anyone have thoughts? (Including but not limited to...) Where? When? Who? What? And any other specifics that are needed for an event like this.