Design questions 3d models and RP


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So I have access to a rapid prototyping machine that can do extremely detailed works from abs plastics and other materials. I am not super talented at cad but I'm wondering if there is a high poly count 3d model (or a source/site I should look) of the mjolnir Armor. I've found the Pepakura models but they are not VectorWorks friendly. Any ideas? I searched around as best as I could but It seems anything under 4 letters is not picked up by the search tool so searching for 3D didn't work too well.

My plan is to get the helmet done on the prototyper (18x18x18 area) after modifying the model a bit. Sand/Paint, cut out for the lens. IF this fails its on to the Pepakura for me :) I'm horrible with clay.

Thanks in advance.