Destiny 2


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hey guys im at a loss for searching does anyone have files for Oathkeeper gauntlets, crest of alpha lupi, and graviton forfeit? been commitioned to make these items but i cant find any for the pepakura program or any other program


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Oh apologies. Honestly the most effective route may be to download the models from STL generator, and see if you can find a way to convert them back to an .obj, which Pepakura Designer will open.


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I don't believe so, BUT, you can use a program like Blender, which is free, to import the .stl file, then export to an .obj.

Or (and this has not been attempted by me)

Use Online Mesh Converter (upload the file in question, choose your preferred file type, and it supposedly spits it out. If it does indeed work, export the file in an .obj format, and you will then be able to open it with Pepakura.

Hope that helps!