Destiny Jovian Guard Armor


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Hi everyone. I'm pretty new here (I'm not even sure how to format my post and images) and also at foamcrafting and this will be my second build. My first build was pretty messy and I'm hoping to improve with experience and your critique is encouraged no matter how harsh.

Anyways I'm working on this Jovian Guard armor from Destiny. I'm pretty bad at remembering to take pictures but here's what I have so far.

I couldn't find any templates and so I found a STL file and with a pepakura program and no experience with them whatsoever I attempted to make and scale something I could work with. This print initally comes off too small for my duct tape head.

After getting a scale I wanted I printed it out and translated it onto cardboard and attempted to assemble and try it on.

It's still a bit small but I'll fudge with it.

Moving it to foam now.

Trying to figure out the back and base of the helmet to fit my fat head using the saranwrap+maskingtape method.

Adjusting it as best I could it's still too small for my liking but I'll draw the foam out more when I get to it.

This is it for now.
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