Difference between resin and fiberglass

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I just got back from Ace Hardware and i bought fiberglass resin with hardener. What is the difference between resin and fiberglass?
Resin is a liquid. Fiberglass is a solid. Resin by itself will make things harder and stiffer. But by itself its not a very effective agent. Laying down strips of fiberglass, and then slathering it with resin, the fibgerglass soaks it up and then chemically bonds itself to it and becomes very strong, yet very light.
Resin is a thick liquid that hardens when mixed with hardener.

Fiberglass Cloth is a woven cloth that resin soaks into., and when the resin hardens within the fibers of the cloth it becomes extremely hard.

Fiberglass is the finished product with resin painted over fiberglass cloth.
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