Digital Domain Fx Artists making a Halo Short

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Hi guys. Came upon your site from Kotaku and I'm absolutely floored by your costume work. Anyway, me and a bunch of fx artists in CA are looking to make a kick ass halo short. This is not gong to be a youtube quality video, but professional motion picture quality short that will be around 10 min long. We will also allow the 405th to use it as promotional content if you guys want.

We have guys that have worked on Speed Racer, Transformers and Gear of War on this. This is not related to Digital Domain where we work, but a fan short.

We are looking to hire a Master Chief and a single soldier. If we cannot get anyone to come up to CA, we will be willing to rent the costumes.



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You are definitely looking for Adam and Spase. They are the two featured in the post at Kotaku. Thank you for stopping by and I'm sure they will be quick to reply. Welcome to the 405th.



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Merged the two topics to make it easier to keep up with any replies :)

Welcome to the site.


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I know I speak for Me and Walter when I say, we are ready and willing to do such a thing.

I'll email you about it asking for more details. Love what DD did with the Starry night commercial that's for sure. BTW, took you off that "noob" status thing...

Walter Spase

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Do I need to take off a week of work? Of course I'd be there... Adam is right... love your past work.. being involved in future work would be an honor.
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