Foam Dire's Reach Build

Okay, fixed the horizontal lines to slanted!
Alright and now going to start the thigh pieces so I can make the undersuit part of the knees.
Also one more detail to add and its this part of the undersuit shorts. Kept thinking it looked weird, so I'll post a pic, still working on my template for though.
Digging the undersuit so far. Can’t wait to see how durable / flexible it is once worn.

What type of glue are you using to join the pieces?
It is super flexible, the glue I'm using is basic contact cement, it's difficult, I usually have to do 2 coats because the first one got absorbed by the upholstery foam and the dry ready time is double the time it would be on EVA foam, but once its glued, its on there, but as a precaution I also use strips of uphostery foam and reinforced the seams on the inside, I can get a pic of that layer on if you want.
Looking great so far! Hopefully, you don't run into durability/flexibility issues.
Been trying to get the, I guess I'll call it the knee undersuit bit, the current prototypes are too loose, I'll probably wrap my leg up with aome plastic and tape and cut it down the middle.
Alright after 4 days of messing up my knee undersuit bits, I got the shape and proportions down, of course didnt take any pics of it
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