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This will be kept updated to reflect who is currently in those positions so that who you need is easy to find.

Angela Mash "FANGS" - Division Commanding Officer

Angela has been costuming most of her life. She grew up with two best friends who were boys and spent entire summers being super heroes, Star Wars characters or even the one fateful year as the Dukes of Hazard which resulted in all three of them being grounded for soaping the hood of one of their parents vehicles and scratching the crap out of the hood by sliding across it and one of out of three with a broken arm. As adults, one became a world travelling poker player, another teaches hand to hand combat to Navy Seals and Angela struggled to find an outlet for the magic of childhood so ingrained inside. Eventually after years of having the most thrown together Halloween costume because too much time was spent on making costumes for others, she decided to focus just on one for her and made her first Boba Fett. That Halloween 13 years ago she met a group of people that would all bond together in their love of Star Wars and join the 501st Legion. She was one of the original 12 members of the Badlands Squadron under the Canadian Garrison. The following year she became the Squad Leader and within months they had the size to become their own Garrison. For the next 4 years she stayed as the Garrison CO (with one year as Garrison XO). When it was time to step down to let someone else take the reigns, she was brought on the Legion Command as the Deputy Legion Captain of the Guard. Due to staffing changes that year, she moved to Legion Captain of the Guard and also a brief stint as the Legion Executive Officer. She stayed on for a total of three terms as the Legion Captain of the Guard.

After stepping down, Art Andrews approached Angela about working with him and over the next 4 years she helped out with several areas eventually taking on the position here with the 405th. She completely sucks at playing video games but has grown to love them for the opportunity they provide to come up with creative ways to string sentences together using only swear words. She recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary (clearly married as a child....hehe) and lives with her very understanding husband and two fur baby cats. With something like 100 costumes to her name and an embarrassingly long list of costumes she's collected all of the parts for but has not completed, costuming and the costuming community remains her passion.

James Ficker "Cadet" - Division Executive Officer and Midwest Regiment Commanding Officer

James Ficker, better known as “Cadet,” is currently the RCO for the MidWest Regiment, and has been involved with the Costuming world since around 2002. He was in the initial waves of people to join MJOLNIR Armor, which would become the 405[SUP]th[/SUP], in 2007, so he understands the group’s history. James has also served as a Public Relations Officer for other Costuming Organizations where he helped to organize and coordinate several large scale events, and helped create guides and FAQs for the members on several topics. James also spends a lot of time explaining and clarifying complicated topics in his professional life as an analytical chemist, where he must present findings succinctly and clearly to non-scientist coworkers. These skills and experience make him a good candidate for our Division Information Officer where he will be tasked with creating Guides and FAQs on a variety of Topics including: Deployment, Regimental Membership, and Event Appearances.

Robert Letts "Asgardianhammer" - Division Identity Officer

Robert (Robb) Letts is a creative professional who currently serves as the Creative and Marketing Director for Creative Concepts Inc., a candy manufacturer based in Birmingham, Alabama. Aside from his full time position as Creative and Marketing Director, he also takes on the occasional freelance work varying from logo design to project planning. He is armed with a vast set of skills and knowledge, including: illustration, digital publishing, material finishes, package design, master planning, applications for traditional Print and Large Format printing, sculpture, scenic art, exhibit design and fabrication. His creative outlets are varied, and he considers himself to be a jack of all trades and master of none with plenty still to learn.

In 2009 he discovered pepakura, which led him to the 405th Infantry Division. Through this medium and site he has met many wonderful people and allowed his knowledge of props to flourish. He completed his first full Halo Mjolnir Armor in 2013. He has since completed one more full Halo armor and many other props both for himself and clients.

His hobbies also include cooking and music and he currently serves as a volunteer leader in Cub Scouting, and serves as the Division Identity Officer, under his gamertag “Asgardianhammer”, for the 405th Infantry Division – the Worldwide Halo Costuming club. He created the Exploding Fist Detachment in 2012 to honor the memory of his brother and share his passion for the armor variant knows as EOD (Explosives Ordinance Disposal).

Halo has been a passion beginning with Halo: Combat Evolved upon its release and continues to today. He happily resides in Alabama with his wife of 17 years and two sons who are both avid Halo fans as well, and have grown up with the franchise.

Kristena Martin "Ashuraa" - Division Judicial Officer

Kristena Martin, also known as Ashuraa Deathdancer, is a self taught costumer and seamstress. She has been making clothing and costumes for her daughter for the last 20 years.

She has been involved in many MMOs, such as EverQuest, and MechWarrior Online. She has been in officer and leader positions for many world wide guilds.

Her and her husband met over 20 years ago playing tabletop D&D and Battletech. With this shared love of fandoms they decided to renew their wedding vows in 2014 at a convention near their home. They searched for some time looking for the right group of people to learn how to make armor with. After much searching and debating they found and chose the 405th. In May of 2014 they were blessed to have 12 other Spartans and ODST of the 405th come to their wedding renewal.

Kristena loves all the artwork, lore, and history of Halo. She loves the people and how open the 405th is with each other in helping, teaching, and exploring costuming. She is looking forward to seeing the 405th thrive and grow over the next many years.

Zachary McCauley "arma358" - Division Public Relations Officer

Zachary McCauley, sometimes known as "arma358", is the current Division Public Relations Officer and Colonial Regiment Executive Officer. He is a mechanical engineer by trade, but a massive fan of Halo since Halo 3. He crossed into the cosplay world after becoming involved in STARFLEET International. Surprisingly to him, he crossed over into Halo cosplay and armor building over two years ago. Zach has experience from many different fan organizations, ranging from the 1701st Fleet, the Royal Manticoran Navy, the United Federation of Planets, and other small communities. On top of this, he has had the opportunity to extend the outreach of NASA through social media.

Kevin Robbins "AugmentedHuman013" - Division Membership Officer.


Phil Marquis "FlyinPhil" - Division Administrative Staff

Phil Marquis, aka FlyinPhil, is an active member of the 405th Canadian Regiment. He has recently been appointed to moderate the 405th Marketplace forum, and to assist regulating the New Recruits forum.

Phil stumbled across the cosplay world about 4 years ago, searching google for ways to make halo armor. After finding the 405th, and becoming active in the community, he learned about the various methods of armor making. He had a strong background in metal fabrication and woodworking, so creating projects from scratch was not new to him. After two years of work, he finished his first halo build, and has trooped with a few other 405th members at conventions in Alberta, Canada. He hopes his fabrication experience will eventually lead to a few halo vehicle builds, but that will be a few years down the road.

Phil works as a maintenance technician at a local ski hill in Edmonton, working on and maintaining ski lifts year round. He also runs the social media accounts for his ski hill, so he is experienced in dealing with the general public online, which transfers well to working with the 405th.

Phil is very passionate about the cosplay and halo communities, and excited to be able to help the community grow. His new staff appointment will help him encourage new members, as well as keep the forum clean and efficient.
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Sierra 107 has decided that it is time for him to step down from the position of Division Membership Officer. Real life has him beyond busy and he is unable to commit the time he very much wants to. We thank him for his service to Division and the 405th. At this time he is remaining on as the RCO for Australia.
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