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405th Infantry Division Brands Terms of Use

The 405th Infantry Division main logo and all supporting indicia are property of Movies Props Sites. Any misuse or alterations to MPS Brands by members of any Type are subject, but not limited to, immediate dismissal or termination of account standing.

Consistent and accurate presentation of our logo(s) reinforces awareness of our brand and ensures the legal protection of our organization's identity and its members. Misrepresentation of our Brand(s) places our members and the organization at risk. We will take all violations of our Brands use or misuse very seriously.



All 405th Style Guides contain the following guidelines for spacing, coloration and secondary elements recognized by the 405th Creative Team:


Do not modify the official brand lockups. We have provided vector art for the icons which comprise these lockups. These lockups represent the official 405th brand and should not be altered or recolored in any way.


Should you need to enlarge or reduce the size of the 405th lockups or iconography, please scale them proportionately (1:1). Do not distort the shape of the logo lockups or icons.

CLEARANCE When placing the official 405th lockups, please refer to the size of the inner/smaller hexagon dimensions for padding around the logo. All other artwork, text, and document edges should be at least that distance from the border of the lockup.



All members must meet the requirements for membership per the Mantle in order to obtain permission for use of any of the 405ths brands and supporting indicia.

Type A Recruit Membership - A Recruit/Enlisted Member: May use the Division logos on their personal armor/props only. These may be decals, stickers, or painted. Painted will try to remain as faithful to the original designs as the artist is reasonably able to capture.

Type A member are not eligible to:

Create or Modify 405th or Unit merchandise.

Type B – Enlisted Membership (Full Member): In addition to using the Division logos, upon joining a Regiment these members may use their regiment’s logo on their personal armor/props only. These may be decals, stickers, or painted. Painted will try to remain as faithful to the original designs as the artist is reasonably able to capture.

Type C – Auxiliary Membership: is limited membership open to persons 18 years or older with a registered personal account on the 405th official website. These members have already fulfilled the requirements needed to maintain a Type B Membership and are allowed to work with Regiment Staff to create merchandise ideas for submission to the Division Identity Officer for final approval. The design MUST be approved by the DIO before production begins and may only be sold through Division approved channels.

All designs submitted to the 405th Creative Team are subject to change per the discretion of the DIO.

Any Type B or C Members should be in contact with their RCO to obtain an official Style Guide to begin with, and then reach out if they have questions or have something finished they want to submit for review on the forum.

Regiment Staff should oversee any initial use of our logos and as such those assets were made available only in our Regiment Members Only areas of each Regiments Forum area so they could be vetted for a warranted need.

  • No emblem should ever be used by a member for profit.
  • Do not alter or recolor any of the officially recognized emblems.
  • Any 3-Dimensional creations designed to be shared with the community for printing should be submitted for review to the DIO for ease of recognition and clarity of legibility.
  • There is no need EVER for a redraw of one of our brands for integration into another format. If the format required is not available a request must be made of the Division Identity Officer to obtain in the required format.
  • Any and or all business or discussions, related to Use of Brands, will be conducted through the forum at www.405th.com through Private Message with either the Division Identity Officer, Division Commanding Officer, Division Membership Officer or Regiment Staff.
  • The PR Staff or Site Support Staff is always to direct questions or requests to the members’ Regiment Staff or Division Identity Officer. All members making request must meet Section II A. requirements before making any requests. If you are uncertain if you meet these requirements check with your regiments staff leadership, or check the Mantle for further clarification at 405th Costuming Club Mantle
  • Any artwork created at a members request is explicit to that particular request only. Any subsequent use of the original artwork must be approved by the DIO for any future use in any item other than the original item requested
  • Any reorders of items previously approved by the DIO must be reapproved through the Division Identity Officer
  • Any member of the Creative Services Team must notify the DIO of any artwork requests that fall outside of procedural channels and must not give digital assets or otherwise, without notifying the DIO before so, or without prior approval to do so by the Division Identity Officer.
  • Designs must be free of copyrighted materials as reasonably as possible i.e. use of unmodified assets from copyrighted work.

  • Members using MPS Brands/405th indicia for profit
  • Members publishing an altered or non-approved version of MPS Brands/405th Indicia
  • Members spamming or showcasing designs through any of our public facing channels without prior approval.
  • Members promoting a personal belief or opinion while using MPS Brands/405th Indicia
  • Members promoting or using 405th representation to obtain access to an event or organization in an official capacity without first seeking proper approval
  • Any action violating The Mantle: Article VI Identity and Merchandise 405th Costuming Club Mantle

  • Members have an obligation to alert Division of any misuse or incorrect treatment of any MPS sites or 405th indicia.
  • Any member in violation of Brand misuse will be subject to a review pending any outcome by Division Staff and MPS Sites Ownership according to the guidelines set forth in The Mantle. 405th Costuming Club Mantle


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What does all that first post mean?

The 405th maintains Official Logos for the Division as well as a unique logo for each individual Regiment and Battalion. These logos are the intellectual property of Movie Props Sites LLC. Additionally, these Logos represent all members of the 405th Infantry Division and/or all Members of the respective Regiment. As such the usage of these logos is strictly regulated and any misuse is taken very seriously.

Who may use the 405th logo?

Any registered member of the 405th may use the Main 405th Infantry Division logo and branding for Personal use on their armor.

The basic level of 405th membership is Type A – Recruit and is directly tied to the creation of a registered Forum account on the official 405th forums. Type A members may make personal use of the 405th logo on their armor or props.

A type B member is someone who is 13 years or older with a registered account on the official 405th Forums who have made 50 + posts and maintained the account for over 90 days. As this individual is able to join their local Regiment, a Type B member is able to use their local Regiment’s Logo and Branding for personal use on their armor or props once they have successfully joined their local Regiment.

A type C member is someone 18 years or older who fulfills all the requirements of Type B membership and has joined their local Regiment. In addition to the personal use of the 405th and Regiment logos Type C members are allowed to work with their local Regiment Staff and/or Division staff to design or propose 405th or Regiment merchandise ideas. As such, Type C members may use the 405th Branding and logos in these ideas in these designs but remember that no merchandise may be produced until it has received the approval of the Division Identity Officer (DIO.)

What do you mean by “Personal Use?”

It means that you can use the 405th logo, but only for yourself. Nothing you make with the 405th logo is allowed to be sold or handed out freely without prior approval by the Division Identity Officer. You can put the logo on your armor, but you can’t sell anything with the logo on it such as stickers, decals, stencils, patches, coasters, or T-Shirts. (Remember that all merchandise using the logo must go through your local Regiment Command Staff and the Division Identity Officer and be approved.) Personal use means that if you are simply using the logo only for yourself, as the logo is presented in the style guide, you do not need to get approval from RCS or the DIO.

How can I use the 405th logo or my Regiment’s logo on my armor?

405th Logos may only be used in an unmodified fashion. You must use them exactly as presented in the respective style guides. This means you may reproduce them exactly as presented in the style guides but cannot modify the orientation, spacing, sizing, or coloring of the logos. This also means that additional elements should not be added to any logo, nor should any element be removed from a logo. Don’t add wings, swords, a shooting stars, or a medical caduceus to the 405th Logo, for example.

If the sizing of the logo needs to be adjusted to fit better fit on your armor or prop, the logo must be scaled up or down 1:1. Don’t skew or twist the shape of the logo to better fit where you would like to place it. No branded item is to be sold or handed out freely without prior approval by the Division Identity Officer.

So, I can make a vinyl or water slide decals of the 405th logo for my armor?

Yes, you can reproduce the 405th logo in sticker fashion for use on your armor, but remember, it must adhere to the style guide and be unchanged. You can make a stencil to paint the logo, you can even laser etch the logo onto your armor or onto “weapon charms,” just be sure that the logo remains unchanged from how it is presented in the style guides.

Where can I find the 405th Branding for personal use?

The 405th Division Logos, Primary and 405th ODST logos and their associated Style Guides can be found attached to the first post in this thread.

Each Regiment has a dedicated thread in their Regiment Member’s Only section that contains the logos and Style Guides for that Regiment’s logo.

Can I use 405th Logos in combination with my personal logo or to make my own personal logo?

In short, no. 405th logo should not be combined, merged, or tied into any outside logo, brand, or tag. Any 405th logo usage should be distinct and separate from any other logo or brand. You can have both a personal logo and a 405th logo on your armor, but you need to make sure there is a clear separation. Additionally, you cannot utilize the 405th logo in any artwork intended for use as a personal avatar or icon picture on social media. So, no monkeys with 405th logo shades as your twitter profile picture, for example.

I made a 3D print file featuring the 405th logo, can I put it in my shop?

No. Remember that the 405th logo may only be used for Personal Use and may never be used for profit. You cannot sell a .STL featuring the 405th logo nor may you charge for a printed item featuring the 405th logo. It does not matter if it is the logo alone or an item such as a helmet stand featuring the 405th logo, no member may ever make a profit off an item that features the 405th logo anyway.

But I can still 3D print the logo if it is free?

Yes, but with the understanding that any recreation of the 405th logo in a format not seen in the Style Guide, such as a .STL file in this case, must be approved by the Division Identity Officer to ensure it meets the criteria or recognition and legibility. Only once the DIO has signed off on the file may it be used and shared freely with the rest of the community. If the file format or style is not explicitly seen in the Style Guidelines, always ask the DIO first.

I want to use the logo on my armor but want to be sure I’m doing it right, should I just ping the DIO on Discord?

No. All 405th business is carried out on the Forums at 405th.com. The use of Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other outside social media app or messaging service is not considered by Division Staff as receiving approval or permission to utilize the logo. A request must be made via a Private Message or public thread on the 405th’s Forums in order to be considered as formal approval in regard to any issue surrounding the 405th’s Logos.

Can you sum all this up for me?

Anyone who has registered a Forum Account may use the 405th logo as described in the style guidelines for personal use with their costume but cannot make or sell any items featuring the logo. If there are any questions, contact the Division Identity Officer, Robert, Asgardianhammer, here on the Forums.
Boy. There were a lot of long hours in a more studious part of my life reading a lot of things just like that. It took me back.

Good info and good summation at the end as well. It's funny, I was just thinking about this exact topic a couple days ago, and then boom! this post drops.

Boy. There were a lot of long hours in a more studious part of my life reading a lot of things just like that. It took me back.

Good info and good summation at the end as well. It's funny, I was just thinking about this exact topic a couple days ago, and then boom! this post drops.

Yeah putting this together was a team effort for sure and well worth the time because now I have something to direct folks to. This should help our reg staff as well.
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