Don't lose hope.


So, this is my first post in a long time. I've been making Halo stuff since Halo: Reach was dropped way back in 2011. The picture u have attached is a collage of my very first Mark VI helmet. I knew close to nothing when I made this and it shows. I gave that helmet the most rudimentary sanding. The other helmet is the same Mark as the first, however I spent much more time sanding because I had picked up tips and tricks and knowledge on how to do things more efficiently. I guess the "moral" of this story is don't get too discouraged with early mishaps. Just keep chugging along and you'll get there. inCollage_20190808_183235070.jpg


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This is really great, I saw this on twitter(I think) as well and I'm glad you shared it here too. I'm sure a lot of people could use the pick me up.

Shows that a little dedication and patience really goes a long way.

I can agree on picking up little tips as you go, I've already stumbled on a few things when it comes to painting after finishing up my first build.

You got some great results, keep it up!
I’m right around that first photo with my foam skills. Definitely a great pick me up for me as I have noticed with each cut, bend, and glue I’m getting better. It’s also nice to see where others started at before getting really good at making armor.