My own halo Reach/4... I don't know... *Sample text*


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Yo!, hey there, you, yeah, YOU!, I have taken the liberty of rest from all the nothing I have been doing lately to make my own armor from halo reach... but the helmet is from halo 4... is the scout its like THIS:

and YES... I know it's too big but i dont know how to make the picture smaller...
Continuing with what I was saying now put this helmet over it


How do you people think that it will end?

good looking or not... What should I change except the colors...?

feel free to coment



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Oh, it'll look fine, but I think you're getting a little bit ahead of yourself. You should worry about actually making the armor before you worry about a color scheme. Good luck though.


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yeah, the colors and armor look like they'd mix just fine. but when you start building or doing test armor pieces, start easy.
you'll learn a lot faster that way. there's a lot you'll have to learn yourself, there are some things you'll learn better by experience.

also, another tip...
when cutting foam, it's best to keep your knives as sharp as possible to get smooth, clean cuts. this is very important, I can't tell you how important sharp blades are. it can mean the difference between a fun build, and a no fun build. keep em' sharp.
it will make your build much cleaner, with sharper edges.

also, a rotary tool to smooth and bevel edges is always handy.:)