DragonCon 2018 Parade

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    Good morning, 405th!

    Parade sign up, also now known as the Hunger Games, happened yesterday. It closed within 6 hours. WOW!

    We're signed up for 80 people. We're having a larger contingent of UNSC Capitol members joining us again this year (there are more of them typically every second year). Annnnnd.....we may also have UNSC's Warthog with us! Now, that all depends on getting it there etc. and of course, approval from the parade, but it's certainly exciting! THANK YOU UNSC CAPITOL!!

    The parade organizers really want groups to have their numbers solidified by mid-July and part of me really wants to play by that request because Jan has always been very good to me whether I'm organizing for the 501st or the 405th. However, for the time being, I'm going to continue to leave registration until the beginning of August. We integrate UNSC with us as well as those who show up parade day so I feel like we do our part in making sure people can march.

    PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP HERE YET. ANYONE WHO SIGNS UP NOW ANYWAY WILL BE IGNORED AND POTENTIALLY BEATEN WITH A WET NOODLE. Seriously guys.....until August, your registration counts for nothing and will not be included in the numbers once registration opens so just don't. The only reason I'm not locking this thread is because I want people to have a place to ask questions.

    As usual, we want to have 99.999% of people in Halo costumes. We do need a few handlers and again, we want those handlers to be people willing to help everyone, not just the person they are there with, and have some experience in handling. Handlers need to be a little bossy from time to time to keep things going and they need to watch out for members who are in trouble due to costume malfunctions, over heating or bad crowd interactions (although this last one has thankfully never happened). Please keep all of this in mind over the coming months so once registration opens you know that any non-costumed requests may be denied.

    There will be a flurry of updates likely in the last couple of weeks before the parade when DCon releases all of their parade information etc. For now, we'll assume that meet up happens as it always does but we'll set that in stone once we have all of the details.
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    You had me at Warthog :p
    Thanks for putting this on as always Fangs
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    Last year we had two individuals step out of the crowd and join into the parade with us. They did not meet up in the muster area before the parade, they simply stepped out of the crowd and joined in once the parade was already in motion and marching.

    We can't have this happen again. We need everyone to follow all the Rules and proper procedures or we risk not being allowed to March in the parade at all.
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