DragonCon 2019 Parade


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Okay folks only 23 signed up for the parade. Lets get those names in asap!!!!!
IF you have not signed up for the other 2 DragonCon events (PHOTOSHOOT and DINNER) please do so!!!!


Azimuth - Ian McLean - Spartan Medic
Spall - Danielle Kukic - EOD Spartan

We'll be going representing the Michigan Misfits as well as 405th Midwest.
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Serenko3 - Francis Serenko
MEPES11 - Maria Serenko
RHM - Ray Mathews and his wife Jeanette
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Okay here is info you all need!!!! There is a ton of it so READ IT!!!!!!

Biggest thing...DO NOT BE LATE.


There you have it folks.....a wall of information. Here's the UBER important stuff.

1. You MUST be on my list to get a wristband.
2. If something changes during the con and you can't come, you MUST message me. You can do so here but Facebook is best.
3. If you are marching with us AND you are on my list, you MUST meet us at our pre-Parade Meeting Location - we will have the same meeting location as every year - in front of the escalators on the Registration Desk level of the Marriott (Lobby Level) just in the middle of the two main entrances. THE LAST SHUTTLE IS AT 9:30. WE WILL MEET AT 8:00 AM AND LEAVE TO THE SHUTTLE LOCATION AT THE BACK OF THE Marriott (down two levels from where we will meet) NO LATER THAN 8:45. DO NOT BE LATE!
4. You MUST have a weekend or Saturday DragonCon badge. You cannot march without it and your wristband.
5. You CAN bring a prop weapon but you MUST get it peace bonded BEFORE the parade (aka Thursday or Friday). If you do not get it bonded, leave it in your room.
6. You CANNOT bring a weapon that is capable of firing ANYTHING.
7. You WILL listen to our handlers.
8. You WILL keep up - groups have been punted from the parade for dragging behind.
9. You WILL NOT EVER teabag anyone. Ever. I don't care if someone begs for it or if it's just another 405th member.
10. You WILL NOT EVER point your weapon at people.
11. You WILL stay hydrated. If a handler insists on you having a drink during the parade listen to them. They will see you suffering before you feel it so please listen.
12. You WILL have fun.

We're going to need a couple of volunteers for the banner.

TIME: Staging (line-up) 7:30 AM until 9:30 AM

STAGING LOCATION: North Avenue Presbyterian Church at the intersection of Peachtree Street NE and North Avenue. The address is 607 Peachtree Street NE.

This location is approximately 8 blocks North of the Hyatt Regency’s front door. The North Avenue MARTA station within 1.5 blocks of the church.

We have arranged a special shuttle service loop to Staging. There are 3 ADA compliant buses picking up approximately every 15 minutes at the Marriott Marquis (Courtland Street side) starting at 7:30 AM and continuing until the last shuttle departs at 9:30 AM. DO NOT BOARD ANY SHUTTLE LEAVING THE MARRIOTT AFTER THE 9:30 AM PICK UP. YOU WILL NOT ARRIVE AT STAGING ON TIME AND RISK LOSING YOUR PLACE IN THE PARADE.

IF YOU ARE DRIVING A VEHICLE IN THE PARADE: Be there NO LATER THAN 8:30 AM. Parade team members will assist you in positioning/parking your car/truck/van/float/bus for integration into the parade once we roll. Motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and other like vehicles will be staged with the rider in the marcher’s parade unit.

If you are driving an over sized vehicle or towing a float or trailer, we would greatly appreciate it if you got to staging as early as possible.

A separate email will be sent with more vehicle staging details.

IF YOU ARE WALKING IN THE PARADE: Plan on arriving around 9:00 AM and NO LATER THAN 9:40 AM. Parade team members will direct you to the location of your parade section. If you are the first in the section to arrive in the staging area, you may be asked to hold the place marker sign for that parade unit so others can find the section. Please note that if you arrive after 9:40 AM, you run the risk of not being in the parade or not being able to march with you section. Once we start moving the parade out of the parking lot, the exit becomes one-way and that’s out onto Peachtree.

The attached Participant Staging Map shows the approximate location of the parade section you've been assigned to. As people begin getting into place. sections tend to move further back. You can also locate your section by checking where the sections before and after yours are currently situated. If you are the first to arrive, you may be asked to hold a section name sign so others can find it.

Section Signs: These are meant for staging use only and should not be taken out on the route. Please do NOT leave the sign where your section was lining but rather hand it off to the parade team member collecting them as you leave to get onto the route at the Peachtree gate

There are two staging entry points for participants at the parking lot gates, one on Peachtree Street and one on Courtland Street. Wristbands and badges are checked and must be visible when you enter.

We set up staging in the order you will be marching so all you'll need to do move with your section from the parking lot onto the street.

Once in the staging area, please follow the directions of the Parade team. One of us will tell you where you should stand (where your assigned parade section is being staged) if marching or where to park your parade vehicle (drivers, please stay with your vehicle). Dragon Con Security and the Atlanta PD are also on the ground to assist.

It's noisy and often hard to hear what's being said while we're staging and then moving the parade out. We sometime yell telling you to "move!" or something similar. Please be assured we aren't yelling because we're rude or cranky or angry...it's just so you can hear us, especially when there’s a sense of urgency and something needs to happen quickly. We love, appreciate and value the safety of you all, honest!

Once your parade section has been called, please proceed from the church’s parking lot onto Peachtree Street and into the far right lane (basically the one all the way across the street from the gate you exit). DO NOT try to line up around any vehicles – they will be integrated into your section on the street as we launch at Linden Avenue.


Port-a-potties are located to the right of the participant entrance from Peachtree Street. Please make sure you tidy up after you use one.

The Boy Scouts are providing bottled water in the staging area and at the end of the parade route. Please take only ONE bottle of water to ensure all parade participants can have some water. If possible, bring your own or have a supply waiting for you at the end of the parade.

There is no storage for personal items in the staging area. You might need to improvise a pocket or other carrier hidden in/on your costume to carry room keys and other essentials you might want to bring

Please be aware of and appreciate that the church graciously allows us to use their property each year. Take time to make sure you do not leave any personal belongings, trash or other discarded items behind. There are several trash cans in the parking lot - find one of them and use them, please!

EMTs are on duty all morning and accompany the parade.




The route is a little over one mile long. There is a slight incline on Peachtree Street. There is one downhill on John Portman (formerly Andrew Young International Blvd). The parade ends at the Marriott Marquis on Peachtree Center Avenue.

The CW Atlanta and DCTV are broadcasting us live! Be yourself, do what you’ve always done that makes the parade so incredible. More information regarding these broadcasts is attached to this email.

At the end of the parade route, marchers will be directed into the Marriott via the front driveway and vehicles will be directed to continue on Peachtree Center Avenue.

Do NOT stop in the block in front of the Marriott, please. Parade vehicles can proceed to the next block where they can temporarily park to offload or tear down, if needed. If you do not need to change anything on your vehicles, please continue on Peachtree Center and follow the directions of the APD as they move you out of the area.

The parade is usually over - last person in the parade arrives at the Marriott between 11:30 & 11:45 AM. Depending on where your parade section is in the line-up, you should get there between 10:30 and 11:30 AM.

Please do not designate the end of the parade area as a meet-up spot for friends. It’s crowded and crazy and we’re trying to get literally thousands of parade participants through the area and off the street.


Our GUIDELINES are attached to this mail. Please take a moment to read through them.

Most important to remember:

You MUST be a member of Dragon Con to participate in the parade. Badges and wristbands must be worn and visible on parade morning. (Some exceptions may apply and have been approved prior to the convention.)

NO ADVERTISING AND/OR PROMOTION of commercial enterprises is permitted in the parade without prior and express written approval from Dragon Con Senior Management.

WEAPONS as part of your costume must be peace-bonded by Dragon Con Security BEFORE the parade.

REMEMBER YOUR AUDIENCE - we represent everything that is wonderful about Dragon Con. The crowds that watch and enjoy the parade are filled with children waiting for a glimpse of their favorite characters and heroes. We are the very public face of Dragon Con. Please don’t do or say anything that reflects poorly on yourself or the convention.

We are a POLITICS-FREE ZONE. No campaigning or protesting or demonstrating - 'real life' political or social issues - is allowed.

Dragon Con reserves the right to remove anyone and anything from the parade, at any time and without prior notice, deemed offensive, dangerous or otherwise inappropriate for the event.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Remember to hydrate, slather on the sun screen, and wear comfortable shoes!

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for making this year very special once again - SEE YOU AT CON!!!!

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

The dedicated participant shuttle route is shown in RED. Hours of operation: 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM, Saturday, 8/31. There are 2 stops on this route: 1) Marriott Marquis/Courtland Street stop and 2) Staging at North Avenue and Courtland Street. These shuttles run in a continuous loop between these 2 stops. Do not board any shuttle leaving the Marriott after 9:30 AM.

The route map is shown in BLACK. We launch the parade at Peachtree Street and Linden Avenue.

Our staging area is shown in GREEN. (Details for Staging in the “How to Get to Staging” document attached to this mail.)

IMPORTANT Guidelines and Reminders for Everyone Involved With the Dragon Con Parade

1.You MUST be a member of Dragon Con to participate in the parade. Every participant 7 years of age and older must have a badge. Convention badges must be worn and visible on parade morning along with parade participant wristbands. Wristbands are distributed to registered participants at our check-in table. With proper ID, we honor the pre-sales post card for either the full weekend or Saturday Only memberships as if it were a badge if you have not had the opportunity to pick up your badge before parade morning.

2. Advertising and/or promotion of any type of commercial entities is strictly prohibited in the parade unless approved by Dragon Con Senior Management prior to the parade. A sponsorship agreement must be in place. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.

Banners and flags are welcomed in the parade as long as they do not contain advertising or promotional information such as commercial company names, logos, web sites, addresses, phone numbers, etc. This includes information regarding other conventions as well.

Fan organizations/groups, clubs, DC programming tracks, etc. are exempted from this and encouraged to carry to their banners.

3. The Dragon Con Parade is a politics-free zone and not the appropriate venue for political actions or activities that impact our everyday lives outside of Dragon Con. Wearers/owners will be removed from the parade if we see any cosplays, signs, etc. that directly refer to real life politics or campaigns.

4. Non-working or prop weapons (as part of your costume) are OK. Any weapon carried at Dragon Con, including in the parade, must be approved and peace bonded by Dragon Con Security. Please take care of this BEFORE Parade morning to avoid potential confiscation of questionable items. The Atlanta PD and Dragon Con Security escort the parade and may make swift response to any action they deem inappropriate or threatening to the public. Think about how you brandish your weapon.

5. No flash pots, explosive devices, fireworks, loaded devices of any kind, or use of open flames. Absolutely not allowed, period.

6. Photography and videography by participants is always welcome as long as the progress of the parade is not hindered while you take your shots. Participant use of DRONES for filming the parade is prohibited for your and the spectators’ safety.

6. Small throws/tosses (candy, beads, stickers, coins for instance) are permitted as long as do not cause street litter and are placed directly into the hands of the recipients. No random tossing, flinging or otherwise launching into the crowd.

7. Fliers/flyer, coupons and/or leaflets, business cards, etc. distribution is NOT permitted under any circumstances. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.

8. We are rated PG/PG-13. Remember the parade is held on city streets - public safety and decency laws will apply. Watching the parade is open to the public, small children and other impressionable beings will be along the route. Additionally street/everyday clothing, unless it's identifiable with a character, isn't appropriate for the parade. We are a costumed event. Please choose your costume wisely.

9. Children 14 years of age and under participating in the parade must be accompanied by an adult.

10. At this time, live animals are prohibited from the parade with the exception of certified service animals and select Dragon Con sponsors.

11. Use common sense and show courtesy for all involved with the parade.

12. Show up on time and be patient during staging/line-up. Be ready to move into place when your parade section is called on deck.

13. Prepare yourself for the weather (bring water, don’t forget sunscreen, etc.).

14. If you have a question about whether or not something will be allowed - ask beforehand!! Contact us at dc_parade@dragoncon.org.

15. Have fun! Have fun! Have Fun!

We reserve the right to remove any person(s), vehicle(s), or prop(s) (including banners, flags or signs, and weapons) from the parade that is considered offensive, potentially dangerous or otherwise inappropriate, or that do not comply with the above stated guidelines for the event , at any time and without prior warning.

Wristbands! I want mine, how do I get it?

You have registered for the parade and been confirmed. When and where do you get your wristband(s)?

We do not mail out wristbands. We do not distribute them before the start of con.

We do give them out at con when you check in with us. Both your convention badge and the wristband are required to get into the staging area on parade morning.

We run a check-in table Thursday and Friday of con. We are there 12 hours or so each day, trying to match Registration’s hours as closely as possible. We’ll be located within steps of Onsite Registration in the Sheraton, lower level, across from the Georgia Halls. When we close our table on Friday at approximately 9:30 PM, *POOF!* we are gone and looking forward to seeing you all the next morning at staging.

BTW, you can’t miss our table. We have twinkle lights and a well-worn, vintage parade banner, and toys, and a bunch of smiling faces sitting at the table and ready to help.

The process is easy. We have a check-in book, arranged in alphabetical order by FIRST name. You give us your name, we check you off the list, asking that you initial by your name so we know you’ve picked up. And then we present you with your wristband(s).

The book only contains the names of individuals who registered themselves and group contacts/leads who registered 2 or more people. Group members will be getting their wristbands from their group contact/lead.

IF you are a Saturday only member, we strongly recommend buying your membership through the DC Store once they become available as pre-sales…which should be anytime now. You will receive a postcard confirming your membership. This is a huge advantage on parade morning as we will honor that postcard as though it was your actual badge. This means you can come directly to staging rather than having to visit Registration to purchase your badge before the parade.

We’ll have a check-in point person who can give you wristbands before you try to enter staging.

IF you are a Saturday only member but will be onsite Thursday or Friday, you can check in and pick up your wristband(s) without having your badge. Just remember, along with the wristband you MUST have your badge or membership confirmation postcard on parade morning when you come to staging.




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Here is the list of everyone that is currently signed up for the parade. If i have missed you its because you have not posted in this thread. Contact me to be added.

  1. Tyler/Steelwolf000
  2. Rich/White Dragon
  3. Hibson/Jenna Albert
  4. Cadet /James Ficker
  5. Vlad
  6. Gari Jimenez
  7. Ozzy S-286
  8. Robert Steffenson
  9. Asgardianhammer /Robert Letts
  10. Church / Kyle Paul
  11. JetskiGunner / Dakota Bothun
  12. Blackblood / Blaine Self (WAGON)
  13. BlazedStarbon / Allayna Kaltianen
  14. Wasdenjacob7 / Jacob Wasden
  15. Bravo Whiskey / Baron Wasden
  16. Mwmanus / Michael Manus
  17. Sean Bradley / Sean Bradley
  18. Jennifer Bradley (Handler)
  19. Ebony Warrior / Charles Conley
  20. Mrs. Conley (Handler)
  21. Wood Jacker / Zachariah Henderson
  22. Aracknoid / Ronald Seaman
  23. David Ingram (Handler)
  24. MeasuringWriter / Benjamin Marshall
  25. Spartan Warrior / Thomas Marshall
  26. Justinian 117
  27. Azimuth / Ian McLean
  28. Spall / Danielle Kukic
  29. Serenko3 / Frank Serenko
  30. RHM / Banner Detail
  31. ZeroSerenity / Parade Photographer


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This group is another Halo group that's been around for a couple of years. Anvil Station is another Halo Group in California
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If anyone has good photos of the Spartans at the parade, I'd love a link! Pretty much the only photos I've seen are of our Cortana.
I dont know of any good pictures, but I did watch the parade video, and the announcer called us the four o firsfths. The video also only has about 5 seconds before it cuts away to a different group so all you saw was the banner D:


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I dont know of any good pictures, but I did watch the parade video, and the announcer called us the four o firsfths. The video also only has about 5 seconds before it cuts away to a different group so all you saw was the banner D:
Bummer! Yeah in all the videos I saw, I must be walking on the wrong side of the road because all the videos are on the opposite side and I'm always hidden by the 405th sign lol