Drinking armour

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At my university they host a summer ball which is a strictly fancy dress outdoor festival...
This was my entry...
I spent most of my time on the helmet and chest, all was done with a stanley knife and duct tape no rulers or pencils. No measurements where used it was purely by eye.
Also bare in mind that this was all done during exam period hence the rushed gauntlets and leg segments.
All it ahd to do was survive 24 hours of partying untill the beach survivors photo the next morning!
Further to note, I did have really good looking shoulder segments, but I decided they restricted my movement too much to go partying with (hence flat shoulder panels). Also the resperator on the back was outfitted to carry vodka bottles inside, the event security didnt know what hit them! lol

If you guys want any more photos or construction information just say so.


Chief meets the roughnecks

Back of chest and helmet

Plasmasword test 1

of course the chief survives till the sunrise!

Anyway, there are plenty more photos including construction ones.
If you ask me its far more fun to make the costume yourself and not use papukura... wheres the skill in that!

Dont flame me for saying that btw, its meant in friendly jest (im not sure if you americans get british humour)

Spartan 110 said:
thats pretty good, intresting energy sword, what is it made of?

looks like 2 light sabers (blue) and covered with clear plastic
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Well just after I had finished the suit, i had a day to go and i still didng ahve a weapon, i was originally gonna make a needler with pink thin glowsticks out the top, but ididnt have time. so i went down the local discount store and got two blue lightsabres for £1 each...
the plastic round it was also from the store, it was 2£ for a curtain rail, and i threw that away and kept the box...
Inginuety at its best lol!
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