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What part of MCs armor for pep is the easiest to make? I want to get some experice before i do the rest. Will my set look wierd with a westerfields helm, mabey cardboard chest/back and pep everything else if i can get the hang of pep?
A westerfield helm with a pepakura suit wouldn't look bad at all.
the easiest piece is probably the hands :D
but to catch on to how complex pepakura is without doing a mind boggling piece; id say try the belt or feet.
It will look weird because

1. it isnt made the same way
2. it may not be painted the same way unless you painted them both the same
3. it wont be the same scale so you may have a huge looking helmet or small looking helmet
4. the roundness of it will look odd compared to your pep suit's angular effect.
It will be Adams paint. It might be cardboard and pep and westerfield.It all depends on how things work for me. But the angular part is very true. But i am not so sure on how to make pretty decdent cardboard armor thats has details. The wwhole legs and arms are the hardest for me. Since the have lots of higher raised dimensions. But the feet will most likely be pep i i can figure it out to a steady pace. And the hands might be some of Adams. But the belt arms and legs are my main concern. Any one have a good way of making the arms/legst of cadboard?
Forearm would be a good first pep piece. And theres no reason a pepped armor has to be angular if you put more time into smoothing it out after its made.
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