eBay Troubles With KawaiiCorner


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After selling one of my items to KawaiiCorner the item was sold on the 15th, Shipped on the 18th, and Arrived on the 20th. They take 7 days with the item before finally contacting me. Tonight I recieve a e-mail from the buyer, I respond to them letting them know it was very well packed with packing peanuts in a very large box with no sides of the prop touching any walls of the box. They sent me a photo of the broken prop in the photo below, requesting a partial refund and that they would be keepinbg the item. My offer to them was that I would repair the prop and pay shipping to and from me free of charge but they are keeping the case open and have escalated it to eBay Customer Support they never responed to me after I responded to them, I already have a good feeling that I am screwed out $225 and the prop, but I wanted to warn the RPF of KawaiiCorner on eBay. My thoughts are that this person is a possible recaster, bought the item, made molds, broke the item and now they want money from it. Now one major note is that the item is made of Smoothcast 300 and the blades are thin MDF. If anything was to have broken on this don't you think the MDF would have broken first? And these parts wre all attached with 2 Part Epoxy that just have happened to come off.


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ARRRRGGHHH! God d**n! This is the main reason I only want to sell my props local. I want to see them face to face and know who got my work. If they chosse to recast it, I can just show up on their door and punch them right in the face! It should be a law that illegalices remolding. I think it can be defined as design theft. If he starts to sell recasts, sew his a** of! I don't want another Rube episode!


I agree with Jico, i'm tired of these lazy jerks taking advantage of the hard work of our members. I say only sell your stuff to veteran 40th members or people you can meet in person. I don't want to loose another master prop maker to these worthless people


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For selling a prop that he got for free in a contest, that he agreed not to sell.
That 50% of the funds recieved from it went to charity, maybe I forgot to mention that. It's not that bad to be honest not like what some of the people of this forum have done such as wimp out and leave a project sitting in the dust, or others just not stepping up to finish off a project, I would name name's but I'm not going to go that far.
I understand that half the proceeds went to charity, u received the item for free, maybe 100% could have been donated and I wouldn't have such a sour feeling on it. Regardless part of signing up for the contest was to agree not to sell the item under any condition. If u knew u weren't going to keep it u probably shouldn't have accepted it. In no way does it affect me, other than possibly preventing generous members from holding such give-aways in the future.

tsau mia

I'm sensing a little bit of animosity that is taking the thread off track.

Nintendude: The item arrived "not as described". Did you have a refund policy outlined in your listing? Tell ebay that you volunteered to fix it free of charge, and they refused. They can't keep the item and the money too. You don't go to Walmart and buy a bike and expect them to take it at your word that the bike broke. Same with any other store. It's a business, and ebay understands that. They won't let the buyer have their money back until they send back the item. It's not a giveaway of parts. They send it back for either a return or exchange. End of story. Trust me, I've been doing ebay long enough to know that you've got the case in the bag, other than the possible recasting.

Penutbuttrbandt: I understand the problem, but you can't give something to someone and not expect them to never sell it, even if it was agreed upon. Am I not allowed to sell something in a garage sale that I no longer need? What if I don't want it anymore? Should I just give it away to someone who may not appreciate it or take care of it? You can prohibit recasting, because that violates copyright law, but you can't control what someone does with the item after it belongs to them. I hate to be like that, but once the item is in someone else's hands, it's no longer your property. If I sell someone my painting for $100, they are free to try and sell it for $10,000 on a better market. It's was not painted by them, but they own it and may sell it. Same if I give one away. The only solution is to not give them one again, since they didn't really want it in the first place.
I understand what you are saying, and trust me there is no animosity. I have the same piece from the same contest. If he didn't want the item he shouldn't have requested it because he "wanted" it, only with the intention to turn around and sell it. I just participated in it, but I feel for smick who put on the contest. I guess it just comes down to integrity, before even submitting an entry u had to agree to the rules. Which rule 5 stated if u had intentions of selling don't even enter. And for "wanting" a prop, he didn't hang onto it long.


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