Favorite Cortana? (Design/Story)

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I was looking through all the Cortana designs online and I thought I'd ask what design/story is everyone's favorite and why?

I think my favorite design is Halo 4, cause she looks so human compared to her earlier designs and I think that reflects in the story that Halo 4 tells with her going through rampancy. But I also like Halo 5's design when they added the armor and made her look more threatening.

And I think my favorite character development of Cortana is from Halo 5, since she was breaking into fragments in 4, someone could say that the Cortana in Halo 5 isn't herself as we know her from Halo CE-3. Since some of those fragments would be lost or damaged and not be able to be a part of her anymore. But yeah I am interested in what anyone else thinks!
Looks wise, I guess it'd be Cortana from Halo 3. Not entirely sure why, maybe because she has some sort of 90's style going?

Personality wise, definitely CE/2. I just love Cortana's sass!
Her Halo 3 look was always my favorite up until Halo 2 anniversary happened. The amount of work that went into those cinematics blows everything out of the water for me.

Same PlanetAlexander , the level attitude she has in the first two games is great. And the dynamic she and Chief have, how they are so trusting towards each other and work together so seamlessly, is something else I've always liked too.

Spoilers for Halo Infinite? Just in case?
If I include The Weapon as part of this I loved how she reacted to Chief "deleting" her. I felt like a third wheel watching your best friends have a breakup fight. She was so rightfully mad it was awful and cringe in such the right way
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