Favorite helmet?

Tavorite reach helmet!

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I prefer the small simple helmets to the bulky over the top ones, I've always considered my potential spartan alter ego to be proficient in black ops infiltration missions meaning small light weight armor for speed and maneuverability. So I'd go with the air assault or the security for sure. I would always consider a pilots role so in Halo 4 I chose small torso with the rogue helmet (it just seems that a pilot would want maximum peripheral vision).

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RECON baby. RECON. CQC looks tight too. I really love the pic of the Spartan in my avatar and think that will be my next build. Kind of a sweet hybrid of the two.


Recon all the way, that helmet cost me so much energy and effort to get in Halo 3 that I fell in love with the crescent shaped visor. I know have a sort of weird love/hate feeling towards it.


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No matter how many times I browse the helmets when I want a change, I still always go back to the EVA. It's one of the helmets I hope to be able to make once I get schooled enough.