FFA series number 5 - M20 Coalminer series.


Hi everyone.

We continue the release of 3D models with this M20. While there's several M20 designs out there and freely available already, and a very nice non-static one by Michael Flanagan which i can only highly recommend, there's no such thing as "too many models". There's sure to be something that fits everyone that way.

Naughty Trevor stuffed this one in Santa's bag for the 405th while I was looking the other way. Sneaky Beaver, that man ! :D

It's a good, basic solid design without too many thrills or special features, but the amount of details make it a very nice one to print. No testprint done yet, and from my own experience, this one will need some kind of removable/strengthened barrel when used in the real world. I had created one of these for my daugther without any precautions regarding this, and it didn't survive the first day of the con.

So there will be a mechanically improved version in a short time, but as this is hardly rocket science to do and can be done by anyone with half a brain :D (so it's JUST within my capabilities. :D) and you want it to do yourselfves : knock yourself our !
In other words : if you want to wait for the technically tweaked version, await the "update" message regarding the rework. If not and you can do it yourself : fire away and have a lot of fun with this beautiful model

405th thanks you, Trevor, for you nice work on this one !


File are available here :


Next up : DMR from Humble Me. :D

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