fibergalss resin

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ive been looking around the forums and i cant find where to get some fiberglass resin for my helmet, could someone tell me where to get it?

p.s, also can anyone tell me if it is required to have the paper visor in your helmet before fiberglassing, i was told it might warp, but im not sure
Read the fiberglassing tuts and the Ultimate Pepakura FAQ in the Pepakura armor forum for the answers you are looking for.
you can find resin and fiberglass cloth or mat (mat is the messy fuzzy stuff, cloth is the neat woven stuff) at any auto store or even walmart.
Keegan said:
theres nothing about where to find it there

It's not nice to lie, especially when the person you're lying to wrote the info.

From the Ultimate Pepakura FAQ- Section 2

2. Where do I get materials/safety equipment for fiberglassing?

Most appliance stores and auto parts places will have them and so will Walmart.

And I know I've listed it many other places.
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wow, i swear i looked through that forum 12 times minimum but i couldnt find anything! thanks you guys for your help,
It is the small can with a white suv towing a boat, you could buy the big can, but it's useless since you wont need that much for 1 suit.
I suppose you can just buy the big can since it saves you a few bucks and you can use it for future projects.
Just remember to pick up a doctors mask in a store nearby, that resin stuff will knock you out unless your outside and wearing a mask.
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