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Hi again :p

It's the first time I'm trying to use resin. I bought polyester resin and fiberglass. I didn't apply the fiberglass yet, but I applied the first sheet of resin outside the helmet. The doubt I've got if is this okay?, because it doesn't look solid, looks like if I used glue to cover the helmet instead of resin :/ it's hard to know if this is right because it's my first try and I don't have another helmet made of resin to compare.
I know the mix was okay because some resin left and it got hard and hot after 20 minutes, and the helmet is dry now.
should I continue applying resin and the fiberglass inside?

It looks alright so far.
However, you need to add more resin layers. Cover it both from inside and outside. 2-5 layers so it's hard and stable and it won't warp during adding fiberglass.

I personally add 3-5 layers both inside and outside, so that the helmet is very stable and hard.
Fiberglass cloth is for adding strength and durability, but it's also adding weight, so if your helmet would be just paper, it would warp.
To avoid warping, you apply resin, few layers.
Nope. One is barely covering the surface, most of it was soaked into the paper itself. :)
Need few more layers of it to make the helmet hard and stable. ;)
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