Fiberglass Alternatives

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I'll try to find some of the models we made using styrene sheets and Tenax. If I can snap some pictures of the seams it might help to give you an idea. :)
When I make models I use Testors styrene cement and liquid glue. It chemically "melts" then bonds the styrene together. If used properly, the cement would work fine on a styrene suit. It would be great if Sean could post something on his techniques he used on his styrene suit.
ok i am 14 and making my suit
i need help
what must the structure be made out of (the hull)
what materials can i use with out staining/burning my skin/eyes
also that is not toxic in scent (well not anymore toxic then acetone)
and what will make sure its solid and strong
i can get the money needed for it but the budget MUST be bellow 250$ thats as high as my budget can go right now
i could use pep as hull by printing then cutting it out then glueing it on the cardboard
would that be an option also
i got big plans for the helm ranging from infrared camras in the light socket energy pack in the back pack built in head phones in the helm noise detectors in the ears (to enhance the ears also so i am not completely deaf in the helm) mini screen covering left eye displaying the infrared and night vision camera's. yes that is expensive but thats wayyy in the future
big plans yes
but i want it to look nice on the out side first so there

pm me if you have details :whistle: :lol: :rolleyes
I used stuff called plasic-dip the stuff u put on the handles on tools.... about 6-10$ depending were u go... Napa, Home Depot* 2 bottles will do it and make it sturdy enough if u completely cover it and do a extra coat..
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