Fiberglass question before i start today

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I am just about to start fiberglassing the inside of the armour.

My question is..

What harm will using some spray glue onto the fiberglass cloth first to hold it in place have. The way i see it , is that if you can spray some glue (very lightly) on the cloth its gonna stick the inside surface, then make it easier to resin the fiberglass.

If someone who has used this method or and experience fiberglass expert have any advise, it would be greatly appreciated.

Well I decided to go ahead and use some spray adhesive onto the cloth ,then place the cloth into the piece. This worked a treat ( i didn't see the post about hot glue).
I first sprayed the adhesive into the part i wanted to fiberglass, but this didn't prove very effective. But by giving the fiberglass cloth a VERY light spray first then placing it in situ, it allowed me to cleanly fiberglass.

By the way half way thru i ran out of cloth and had some matt fiberglass still so decided to use it..DON'T!. What a nightmare , i ended up pulling all the Matt off, and re-fiberglass with cloth.

When it came to the helmet, I did the same with the adhesive on the cloth but tried to put the piece to fit into the helmet, again this work ed out very well. ( i fiber glassed the inside only.
I did a little spraying of primmer very late last night, and will finished it today. This after noon , time for me to make some templates for the LED lights to go into ready for the helmet.

I will need to touch up a little resin on the inside of the helmet today, but things are moving along.
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