Fiberglassing a Pepakura sword?

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Hello all you fine folk of the 405th! I was wondering, I'm trying to make a sword; more specifically Miraak's sword from skyrim, and I was wondering, once I have it properly folded, how am I supposed to fiberglass it? I've tried searching for the answer on here, but it was to no avail. So I was hoping maybe someone more experienced than me could help me put here. The sword is about 40 inches long, just for reference.
Fiberglass goes on the inside... therefore you can not fiberglass a fully enclosed model like a weapon. Instead search Rondo, a mixture of fiberglass resin and bondo body filler that can be poured into the resined pep to coat the inside. I did this on my Bruteshot which is part of my Custom Reach Build. I'll link to my tips here.
I agree with PerniciousDuke rondoing the interior is the way to go, another method is to use a quick curing resin to slush cast the interior. It's pretty much the same process as rondo just slightly weaker but much lighter in the end.
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If you're delicate enough you can cut it in half with a dremel and fiberglass it but drilling a small hole a pouring rondo in it would be easier
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