Final Armor For Halloween*(HOT)*

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Hey everyone,

This whole thing started as my friend coming up to me and saying.... dude im going to make a halo helmet... i was like .... uhhhmm are u retarded that will never work... so i got curious and he printed out a temp from pep and i started away on it ... 2 days later we had it all cut out and put together ... looked perrrrty cool... so then it sat on the shelf for 2-3 months till i was like... hmm this would make a sweet costume for halloween... so in the last week i made the rest of the armor.... i know its not perfect but its the best i could do in my time limit..considering i work full time 8 hour job.. it consist of card stock , dk tape, plasti dip, and krylon satin paint... the helm has 4 led's powerd by 2 AA batts.... the sheild is a mountain dew bottle which is not my choice but the only thing i could get in a week. I finished it 4 hours b4 i had to go to a party .... lets just hope i win some costume contest .... hope you guys like it for a weeks worht of work... wish i could of had time to fiber it.... PDJ

Hmmm Armor pr0nz....

Nice armor, the chest looks slightly warped or odd, but over all, the paint is nice, and the scaling is nice. I like the "dude your retarded, that will never work" part, funny how many of us say that, then were finished 1-2 months later.
that is NICE! didnt know the mc was like that with his ladies....

a great set of armor and i like the way you improvised the visor with a mountain dew bottle.
yeah.. my chest was the second thing i did and i didnt print out the temp from pep at my house... it was at a friends and he down sized it which i didnt know... i might make a new one.... what i did was cut it down the middle and added about 4 inches to it so thats why it looks diff... like the top shoulders should be out farther....

also... ??

some opinions...... should i take the time and fiberglass the inside of it or should i just make a new one and fg the out side ... what do u think?
Its really quite simple...

White leds can withstand 3.3v, that gives you the brightest result possible from the leds. Double A batterys give out 1.5 volts each.

This actually happend to be my plan from the very start, but you go to your local radioshack and pickup one of these. Its a Battery holder for 2 AA battery's.

Here is a simple picture from .


You ALWAYS want to wire your leds in a Parallel form as it has many many advantages. However if your leds use are a diffrent color like red or orange you would have to put specfic resistors on those specfic leds because they only use around 2.2v. However, since you are only using white leds, you could easily power 4 white leds off a 3.0v Double A battery pack using them to their full potential. Personally, I would NOT buy leds from radioshack... They are really dim and personally I don't like them. Way over priced. I would suggest getting your leds from or .

Hope this helps a bit.


You could also use a cheap flashlight like Sir Ken posted, those leds are the same but already have the batteries and wiring and switch, all you need to do is rewire the leds wiring longer to fit into the area they belong.
The LEDs that i used cost 4$ and some change ... went to a local electronics store .. (not RS) .. and that was for like 8 green leds, a switch and a 2AA pack ... had wires and shrink wrap already..
Master Chef said:
Is the chick your gf? Every Chief needs a Cortana.

I'm telling my fiance' that! He'll be so excited to make a cortana costume hahahahah. :lol:

Brings a tear to my eye and a nightmare to my dreams lol.
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NIce costume :D Did you help little bo Peep find her shee... never mind... Very cool work none the less :D

Hahaha a Man Cortana hahaha, Man faye comes to mindd *throws up in mouth a little* But it's funny :D
Something about the legs remind me of Mega Man. They seem to be just a tad large.

But it could just be the pic.
Vexona said:
I'm telling my fiance' that! He'll be so excited to make a cortana costume hahahahah. :lol:

Brings a tear to my eye and a nightmare to my dreams lol.

Haha "Mantana". Another reason men should NEVER wear spandex. Haha oh dear can't let my gf find out bout this. She'll steal my suit and buy me spandex and hair dye.
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Blue Vertex said:
Something about the legs remind me of Mega Man. They seem to be just a tad large.

But it could just be the pic.

looks like he might be wearing the thigh peices wrong.
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ur first picture isnt pg friendly but cool armor i suggest putting in a new visor thats all and adding some details
HaloASC said:
Master Chief does Porn :lol: :D
haha thats funny the new halo games are gonna be ao adults only haha

and i mean for like 25 year olds and up
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Well i didn't post the naked'''z ... BUT I COULD :p

the legs are to scale but i didnt have time to make straps to keep them high enough if they were any smaller then i could put them on.... i have musclie legs:p
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