Finally Completed My suit

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Well I finally got it done. I did do a little weathering after these pictures, but here they are. I will put more up later tonight, when my girlfriend gets her cortana suit completed.

If the crotch peice can go any higher, put it up a few inches more, looks like too much of the undersuit is being shown around your stomach. Good job btw.
yeah, I screwed up the chest when i fiberglass it. It dried opened up really wide, so it doesn't hang down as far as it should. It will work for this haloween though. Ill do it right this summer.
Congrats dude! Another spartan to fill the ranks. We'll catch up to the 501st in no time ;)(not being competitive or anything just joking around :p)
Good News, Last night I went to OSU's costume contest and won. People were all coming up to me and my girlfriend and taking pictures, wanting to know how I made it ect. They are writing an article on it, on monday. So it should be interesting. I also won $150, so that was nice too. There are many flaws in my suit, but for people who just play the game they don't even notice. It was a lot of fun.

Here are some more pictures of me and cortana.

yeah he is, after haloween I think he may get a covering of Scarlet and Gray, kindof like a certain football teams helmet.
Looking good man. Grats on the prizes and such :D Now its time to reinvest that money into your suit. :p
Hey congrats on the suit.. I just finally completed mine last night.. Well, I got a little more touch up of strapping before the big halloween party tonight.. I found myself cutting off excess pieces to make it fit properly.. I'll be wearing it for about 7 hours or so and need it to feel like it's not going to hamper my movements.... I hope I don't pass out haha.. Congratz on first place!!!
That's cool man, winning and everything, congrats. makes me want to make MC suit and get my wife to be Cortana, lol...I'll stick with my weapon making for now, peace-
thanks, I am going to do some trimming tonight before I go out walking around. Some of the pieces were rubbing too much. Making it somewhat uncomfortable. Now that I know where they are at I can fix them before I spend a whole night in the suit.
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