Finished armor for halloween

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Did not know i was a noob?
anyway i finished 6pm oct 31st pheeewe!.Not exactly as i had envisioned but pleased.
That is some serious leetness, masterchief as a that makes my old ninja costume look like crap.
Ok, the inside of that helmet is AWESOME. Where'd that padding come from?

Oh, and great job wiring in the switch.
The switches and power supply are great!.The toggle is from an old computer box,the other is from a rc remote controled car i bought from salation army for 4 bucks.It is a depression switch with its own red led that shows you when its on.It also came with a 9.2 volt rechargable battery that i used to power will run 4 led lights (without resisters)and cpu fan for about 36 hrs straight.great deal.
wow u made this all and u are? like 10 13 or so well tahts how it seems in the photo or is some one else wearing that suit???
The whole suit is pep but the helm i just resined then sprayed the inside with low expanding foam then removed the pep shell (i should have left it on but the foam would not cure so i had to cut it off and cut the helm in half to expose the core so it would cure)the rest is pep resin,glass,foam inside resin paint outside.I tried many testings as you can see by my supply of test pieces.the foam is very lightwieght but harder to get detail hence the painted on detail.
ohh no wonder i was like wtf thats too good for a 10 or so year old...........

either that or u were a migit.......

but did u ever add a real visor to taht suit?
No helmet visor.I used clear plastic which i had to pop out on halloween because it was raining and he fogged it up i should have used anti fog spray..
is there anyway you can do a tutorial on your revoluyionary way of wiring al ur led lights and fans?
Werd Nal said:
is there anyway you can do a tutorial on your revoluyionary way of wiring al ur led lights and fans?

I would suggest you doing a search.. Link already created a detailed with pictures on how to add led lights... I think there is also one for the fans..
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Ok... the helmet is a teensy bit big, but overall, nice job. im wondering how to do it all myself but... i just need some help preparing the materials... so are you guys able to help me out a little? I'm 15 and i really wanna get a good head start on all this. Thanks guys!
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