Finished my Custom ODST 1/6th Figure: Rookie from Halo 3: ODST


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Heyo! First time posting here!

Been working on this since March and I finally finished it! First time working on a 1/6th scale figure and maan was it a blast! And it was a very rewarding also!

You can check my work also on y IG handle: @benny_ben10


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Saw this just before from the 405th IG Story! I would LOVE to know some of the processes you took to make this.
oh man the process was a looong and difficult! the early stages were rough since i had to prototype a lot and convert the armor into 1/6th! That whole process took the entire month of March. And this was during the time when I was using my FDM printer before I won a resin printer.

Anyway's the process is basically cosplaying! But smaller! LOL, luckily i have experience on cosplaying! Attaching the armor was basically done with a strap system that you normally see for the 501st Legion. So i interpreted that into my ODST and bam! The ODST has "articulation" LOL, painting was easy, just color match with the best of your ability!

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