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So I've got my first con in-suit this week and I'm getting itchy fingers to post something again....

So I thought I'd post something again.

For a while now I've been working on making Halo UNSC and Covenant Armies to play in a board game called Star wars Legion. 2 of my brother's each own a different starter set copy and a few bonus sets so I thought I'd transfer the game components into a much cooler franchise. Most of the rules/army units were made by other people, so I just adjusted them to better suit the characters. Then I made a couple of my own army units for each side. My little brother made the large "rock formations" from hot gluing tree bark and they look pretty good on the sand board so I included them when setting up this little diorama.

The ghost are still needing paint but that will be the last thing that I need to do to complete the covenant army. I might later make a prophet or some honour gaurds but right now I'm happy with both armies. And the warthog and tank are both working units in the game btw.


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Thanks bro! I used a file from thingiverse that had the parts broken up. I printed each peice of the tank separately and I printed all the bases separately to the models, if that's what u mean. The bigger the model the more parts, and I chose to print them separately to get better details. The Tank also has a 360 degree rotating turret that can be swapped with other designs, and each track can come off to be used as demolished cover or for better storage.
If you're looking for more files the halo ground command group on facebook has a lot of them. There is also the skirmish page Valhalla - Halo Skirmish Scale Wargaming. these are more to scale in terms of details.

i've bought some printed ones from the maker himself and can attest to the amount of details present. his Hornet is super cool
Yeah, I saw that group but I actually used some public files from ground command and some other free ones from another maker that were highly detailed. They had everything from flood infection forms to halo wars locusts and even a pelican if I remember right. All of them were highly detailed. I got the files from the links in this website if anyone's interested.

And this one too for all the ground command models

Thought I'd do a photo dump of a in-the-making banished/heretic armyvfor my younger brother. He found the models he wanted and together we made wome cards that we've been busy play testing. The maroon-ish jetpack elites are based of the silent shadow elites from the comic books. My brother liked they way they looked so we just rolled with a colour pallete that looked pretty similar.


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