Props Finished Railgun

Here are a few finished pics of my Railgun. It's a bit oversized, but I think it looks kinda cool that way. I finished it a few weeks back but haven't gotten around to making a post about it here. Mentioned previously on my last thread, I ended up adding two pieces of rebar for internal support, then coated the whole thing in a few layers of XTC-3D for external support. From there I used spot putty to smooth the whole thing down, and voila. There were a few areas where the 3d model werent accurate, so I took the liberty of cutting out some foam pieces and attaching them to improve the accuracy. I also used googly eyes and wooden dowels to add extra detail. I took Inspiration from Johnson Arms Props' paint job and added a white stripe. Overall very happy with the result, so thanks for the suggestions!


  • IMG_20200427_133847.jpg
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