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First build H4 Scout

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by AlphaZero, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    I've been a halo fan since the release of Halo: CE. Ive always wanted some Spartan armor and I've finally decided I'm just going to make it. I'm starting with the H4/H5 Scout armor and plan on doing H4 Recon and Commando/Noble from reach.

    These are a few concept designs for the paint when I get to that part.
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  2. PaiganBoi


    What method do you intend to use? Fiberglass and resin or a foam build?
  3. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    Definitely fiberglass resin for the base helmet and armor, and maybe foam for some of the details. I saw that commanderpalmer did that on her helmet and it looks great.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
  4. mblackwell1002


    So...I would not recommend starting on the helmet, especially if this is your first fiberglass/Bondo build. When I did my first one, it took a long time to understand the medium. It may be a little bit easier for you as you seem to be artistically talented (I'm artistically talented as well) So give yourself some time to understand the medium. And because you are artistically talented, you might want to try Apoxie Sculpt. It's more like clay than a filler and is pretty sturdy. You might find yourself enjoying Apoxie sculpt more than anything like Bondo. Bondo is a bit time-consuming to spread, and it is very toxic as well.

    I genuinely think you will prefer Apoxie sculpt. I'll end my ranting now. lol

    Nice painjobs and drawings, BTW. I'm interested in digital artwork myself. As for which helmet to do...I'm falling on the Recon or Scout. I'm a big fan of the Scout series on the newer games. Good luck!
  5. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    How sturdy is apoxy vs the fiberglass? And how much would it weigh? I've never used apoxie sculpt, and honestly don't scuplt things very often.

    As far as digital art goes I had a hard time getting into it at first. I'm a pen and paper kind of person and not drawing directly on what I'm drawing was a strange transition. I prefer drawing on my phone because I'm actually touching the screen I'm drawing on.

    And lastly I was thinking scout was a good start as well.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  6. CommanderPalmer


    We can't choose the helmet for you.
    You are going to build it.
    You should choose it.

    Everyone here can be of assistance in any other area, but no one can choose the helmet or armor for you.
    You have to do it yourself.
  7. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    I didn't ask for anyone to choose just for opinions. I know ultimately I make the decision, but that doesn't mean I can't listen to advice, or get recommendations based on other people's experience.
  8. Hibson


    Recon or Commando might be a good starting point for you. I'm pretty new and have only used foam so kudos to you wanting to go the resin/fibreglass route!
  9. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    I've done a little bit of the pep. I'll post some pictures the morning. I would definitely have all the pep done, but my schedule has been hectic.

    And after doing some research I will not be doing it with apoxie adult like mblaclwell1002 suggested. The helmet would weigh 2 if not 3 times more than if I fiber glass it.
  10. CommanderPalmer


    Fiberglassed and resined helmets weigh around 1-1,5kg or 2-3lbs.
    My own helmet weights 1.3-4kg WITH all internals (two 3AA bettery packs, fans and helmet liner, etc.).

    As I've done full armor with cardstock, fiberglass and bondo - the bondo area on the outside does not increase weight... or rather - it adds so little weight you don't notice. The resin and fiberglass stage adds most weight. Then, you can do all the small little detail with bondo/rondo on the outside and it won't be noticable.

    mblackwell suggested the apoxie on the outside instead of body filler... not instead of fiberglass. Fiberglass is crucial for a helmet, it gives it's strength and makes it durable, like all other armor parts. Of course they get heavier at the same time too. But drop a helmet without fiberglass - it'll break. I've seen people standing on their fiberglassed helmets (on YouTube once or twice) and the fiberglased helmets took it like a pro.
  11. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    I love waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. After re reading his post I realise you are right. I'll rethink my options after a little more research, mainly price differences.

    Here is a couple pics of my pep work so far. Hard to find as much time as I'd like with 2, 11 month old babies and work but it's coming along. Also I realised that it doesn't fit around my head, but rather than restarting I was thinking I'd cut off a portion of the back when it's farther along and use a magnet(s) to hold it in place once it's on.
    20170716_134057.jpg 20170716_134042.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
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  12. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero New Member

    Update time

    I have had very little time in the last week. Life with kids leaves very little free time. Anywho here is a pic of more of the pep work I've done. It has an extra level of cuteness as one of my babies was trying it on. They love it, they've been trying to grab it since I starting putting it together, and laugh every time I outfit on my head.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
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