contruyendo al recluta h4

uno entre miles

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hola meintereso estegrupo soy nuevo en esta comunidad comodice eltitulo hare la armadura del recluta h4 pero mefalta una piesa es torso inferior hare esta
Captura de pantalla (9).png
Hello uno entre miles
Welcome to the 405th! I believe there are files for either foam or 3D printing methods for the Halo-4 style of armour. I’m not sure if they include that lower abdomen piece that you mentioned though. You can find the files using the tab at the top of your screen labelled “the armoury” and then locate the Halo-4 section.
Here are our Pepakura files for the Recruit armor:

The lower torso piece might be part of the Tech Suit or under Suit itself, not part of the armor:
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