First build! WIP M6C/SOCOM "pistol" for my upcoming Dare armor build

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I used scare quotes around "pistol" in the title because this thing is freaking enormous lol, I was honestly a little shocked. The fully assembled gun is longer than my arm! According to the Halo wiki its scaled correctly for unaugmented humans though, its just a big boi I guess.

I've never really made any life size props or cosplay stuff, so I wanted to start small before attempting something crazy like a full suit of armor haha. I figured the M6C/SOCOM would be a pretty good starter build, and for the most part I was right! I bought the files from SkookumProps on etsy and aside from having to add my own supports it was all pretty straightforward! I've still gotta fill a few gaps and sand down the putty before I prime it but the hard part is over!

I printed it on my E10 printer with Build resin from Siraya. That resin is great for bigger prints, you can drill it to add brass rod supports without it splintering or chipping and it shouldn't shatter into a million pieces if you drop it. I think for simplicity's sake I'll glue the suppressor and mag on, I can always go back and make another "pistol" with removable parts once I'm more confident.



Great start! And Spartan scaled (AKA "lore accurate") props are crazy huge and scary. The H:CE Magnum I made a while back is so big I can hardly hold it properly.
do you plan on painting it to look real or just going to flat tone it? i try to make mine realistic as i can.
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