First build


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Started my first build recently and haven’t been posting. Pictured is the right bicep that took me a week to make. It’s a start for sure


Excited to see further updates. Your cuts look clean, keep it up!
At least for me, posting on here kept me motivated and excited to continue.


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Next step came the cod piece and the buttplate. Of the two, the buttplate came out nicer and was pretty fun to build. I actually messed up my scaling for the cod piece and had to rescale it up quite a bit. After I finished building then I hot glued the seams best I could and plasti dipped em.


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The shins are all done! Currently they’re held onto my legs by friction, not sure if there’s a better way to mount them or not.


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So far it’s only been held in by friction until I think of something
one thing to try is nylon webbing and clips(for easy removal) to connect the thy pieces to the rest of the armor. it should help keep the thy pieces from sliding down on to your leg and onto the shin/knee pads.


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For the thighs, I used snaps (like the ones you'd find on a wallet) and attach them at the top. I also put velcro on the inner thigh area but that wasn't really necessary.

Nice Build! Looks really good.

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