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First EVA foam Build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Arata117, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Arata117

    Arata117 New Member

    I've Just started my first EVA foam build.
    I created a paper model out of the templates I print off to check the sizing it seems to be all good.
    as I build I'm hoping to get a few tips. As I have only just started I will only have the paper model up but i will post as frequently as possible. I am a high school student so I don't expect to get to much do fast and there will be long pause between work.
    If you've seen this please point out any mistakes I've made so I can fix them. I look forward to building this. Thank you

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  2. Tifa117

    Tifa117 New Member

    Hi there! It looks good so far. I'm curious what type of paper are you using? Printer paper?
  3. kategrey

    kategrey New Member

    Wow, great! I would like to see some examples of you work. Could you share it with us, please?
    Thank you! i am looking forward!
  4. Elcorio

    Elcorio New Member

    When you get to the foam portion of your build, a couple of pointers I've learned along the way:
    Keep your blade sharp, keep your blade straight, and practice on scrap pieces before making a difficult cut (sharp curve or bevel).

    Good luck and look forward to seeing your progress!
  5. PaiganBoi


    Another tip is a metal ruler is your friend. Very helpful in the straight cuts.
  6. Jme


    Welcome aboard!

    Looking forward to your build.
  7. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    Great start.
  8. Arata117

    Arata117 New Member

    Its actually some bits of juice box scraps and poster board I used for the model. I did use some printer paper though
  9. Terric


    Look good. Can't wait to see how it comes out
  10. aaron barnett

    aaron barnett New Member

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018

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