First EVA foam Build


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I've Just started my first EVA foam build.
I created a paper model out of the templates I print off to check the sizing it seems to be all good.
as I build I'm hoping to get a few tips. As I have only just started I will only have the paper model up but i will post as frequently as possible. I am a high school student so I don't expect to get to much do fast and there will be long pause between work.
If you've seen this please point out any mistakes I've made so I can fix them. I look forward to building this. Thank you



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Hi there! It looks good so far. I'm curious what type of paper are you using? Printer paper?


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When you get to the foam portion of your build, a couple of pointers I've learned along the way:
Keep your blade sharp, keep your blade straight, and practice on scrap pieces before making a difficult cut (sharp curve or bevel).

Good luck and look forward to seeing your progress!


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It's been 4 years since I last posted something in my own thread. I lost motivation for the project as i ran out of time for it. But recently being older and more motivated than before I came back and started working on a ODST suit of armor. This is my first attempt at making something out of EVA foam. I really did enjoy the project if there are any tips for me to improve I'd love to hear them. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in my first work even if it was just some cardboard cut outs. Never the less here is my ODST armor.

About half of the armors templates came from Andrew DFT the other half was created by myself.



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Fantastic work so far.........I just think it ironic that you joined in 2016 and are still listed as a "New" member....:)