First full armor build! Halo Infinite MC build

Alright little update. I printed the front jaw(?) piece of the helmet. I ran out of filament but i ordered another spool that should get here tomorrow morning so i can start the back of the helmet.
Prints looking nice and clean bro, u sized those thighs great. I was thinking of using that exact same motorbike undersuit pants when I do my master cheif suit some time next year.
Once i get all the parts that im gonna use for the undersuit i can shoot you the links to all the parts if you like how it looks
Alrighty, I got the new spool and started printing the back 3rd of the helmet. I asked my Uncle who has a resin printer to print me the AI chip and the vents for the helmet because those would be a pain to FDM print and smooth out. I am also thinking about how i will do the helmet lights so if anyone has links to some trusted brands for lights and wiring i would gladly take those
Just ordered the Motocross chest protection for the undersuit so now all i need is to get a black skinsuit or some black leggings since the Motocross chest piece is long sleeve so there is no need for a second layer underneath
also, if anyone has any input for what compression pants, tights, leggings or whatever i would greatly appreciate it
You don't need anything crazy or on-brand, but I also wouldn't get the cheapest thing on amazon. If you end up getting something super cheap you'll find the material doesn't stretch well over time, and it gets worn out very quickly. Usually $20-$30 for a pair of compression pants and $20-$30 for a compression shirt is typical for something of decent quality (Canadian $, that is. I don't know what the american compression fit market is like rn haha).

For the longest time I just used compression pants and a compression shirt. While this works, I decided I wanted to add a bit more depth to my under suit without completely making one from scratch. I ended up finding a pair of padded soccer pants and shirt that added some nice texture to the under suit. They are more money, but they do have a nice look!
Found a pre-made light thingy for chief suits for only 30 bucks. i know i could save money by making one myself but i dont have the mental capacity atm to figure out electronics on my own. Here is the Etsy link
You'll likely find that it is most certainly something you can do yourself! But, if you don't have the time or tools at the moment this is a good option.
Your progress looks amazing! And the paint job for your M40A is spectacular. I need to ramp up my game to keep up.
Update: Got the helmet put together and im sanding it at the moment. I have both parts of the Right Thigh printed and just need to solder it together. Once I solder it together i will start the sanding process while I print the Codpiece. When all of the Codpiece is done i will start the process of strapping the lower half of the armor and making sure it all works well with each other before i start painting. I also received the final part to my undersuit but it is too small so i will be returning it tomorrow to get one that fits

Edit: I will try and send pictures of all the parts tomorrow
Bit of an update. The motocross stuff came in, though it is a bit loose, it wont be noticeable when the torso is printed. Anyway, I got the two sides of the codpiece printed and now i just need to do the buttplate. After that i will work on strapping the lower section while i print the torso parts. Once the lower is all figured out I will do all the paint shenanigans.

Edit: I will post a pic of how it looks tomorrow probably
Update: I am printing the buttplate rn and while i wait im gonna wet sand the parts that are pretty smooth (The shins and the left thigh, maybe the helmet) and then i will paint them and by then the buttplate will be printed and then i can work on rigging the lower half. i also got the hand plates painted and once i weather them i shall post them.


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