First full armor build! Halo Infinite MC build

This looks amazing dude, In my experience one of the hardest parts of a build is the scaling and I think you've nailed it. Can't wait to see it done!
Just got to do the silver on the handplates. Off to sand the belt stuff. I am currently printing the left chest piece
Small Update. Got the Left and Right parts of the Chest printed as well as the ab piece. printing the Top Left of the back right now. after the back is printed i need to print the sternum part and then the torso will be done. next thing to do will be size and print the biceps/shoulders and then the vambraces. then i actually have to work on the boots that i have been procrastinating on xD. I will try and post pics of the chest so far tomorrow
Will have to take a heat gun to all the connections to make sure they line up properly cuz atm the bottom connection on the back is slightly too high. Not to worry though. I'm also gonna go to the craft store near me today to get the strapping and buckles for my belt and lower armor, as well as buckles for the chest now that I am working on it. (Also just realized I blinked in the pic xD)
Just found and read through your thread. Your build is looking fantastic! Your paint colors seem to be pretty much spot on.

Also just realized that we've got the same motocross shirt for under the armor.
I recognize the motocross shirt from impact props too! That man should be getting paid for all this business he's given them

Suit's looking pretty good man! I love it!
Also, if anyone is wondering what I use to get smooth prints.

Filament: Light Gray Overture PLA+
To fill in gaps: Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty (the red stuff)
To get rid of layer lines: Rust-Oleum automotive 2-in-1 filler and sandable

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