first helmet ready for fiberglass!!!

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Hi all this my first post for my first helmet just wanted to share my experience ive been through alot of your post and by the guys all of the armors ive seen are great !!!

at first pepakura was a pain in the ass because i didnt have 65lb or 110lb so i used normal paper that i would glue to those big cardboard from the dollar store anyways cuts werent straight , what a mess it was , when got 65 lb i discovered it wasent friendly with my printer :oops: it took me a while to realise i could print on normal paper and use my fax to copy it on 65lb :lol: and thats when it started so now im ready for fiberglass heres my helmet filled up with foam :


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ya it is a bit smashed i think i screwd up while gluing parts together

i kept going anyways first shot of resin on the out side is done tonight the in side
and this week its spartan chest (y)
and practice makes it all

well i got that from chris bryan's tutorial -­> (im talking about foam) i used it and it works for me just dont take triple expanding foam like i did coz its gets anoying to cut off the exess
thats for the foam

now i just finished resin out 2 coats or 3 outside of helmet but for whats of the inside i got that bondo mat of fiberglass and it totaly screwd up so ive got a question what goes first when you get to the inside
resin then the mat or the mat then the resin
i did the mat then resin but it went wrong

by the ways pics during resin
oh by the way you might ask your self whats reno depot writen on my mixing stick well
i liven canada montreal and the closest building suplies shop is reno depot i actualy work there

heres my helmet finished


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by the way im almost done whit sticking all piece of pepakura but chest and back already have a primer
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