First armor build


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Hey everyone, back at it again with another post hoping to be able to join my regiment soon!
So with no further procrastination here we go. I'm still going for the super weathered, grimy, and just out right beat down look. I have zero experience ever doing anything like this except my helmet. But instead of a 3 layer paint (primer, chrome, green)
I'm going to do 4 layers (primer, chrome,black,green) I want to add depth to the battle damage.
Also turns out I can't cut for my life and this will look horrible. But it's my first attempt.


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Day zero, attempted something different, I want to say it looks good. I have not washed it or done and fine details but it's a start.
Theres hundreds i mean hundred of fine lines I did with a toothpick.I think during the wash portion it will make them look better but I'm just not sure if they look good I was aiming for a peppered look.

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