First Look at Halo Wars

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If you have the Xbox 360, go to your market place and download "First look at Halo Wars" It shows actual game play and a tutorial. It looks exactly like Command and Conquer 3. But people have been saying that Halo Wars will not make as big as the Halo trilogy, I sort of have to agree with that because RTS, aren't really good mixes with consoles. But this looks promising.
Damien said:
starcraft wasnt good on 64. but bingie can do anything
LOL! StarCraft was out for the Nintendo 64? Omg.. I need to google this. And yeah Bungie can pull off anything. Well, Marathon could have been better. It was like Doom just with aliens and not demons.

Why does every Nintendo 64 Game end with "64"? Maybe Microsoft Should try this:
Halo 360 ...Nah
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Starcraft64 was merely a port of StarCraft to the N64 system. Poor controller mapping, difficulty of use, graphics issues, and disinterest of the gaming community in it was, and still is, typical of PC ports to game systems. Also, since PC architecture grows exponentially compared to that of a console there's usually some issues with full rendering and such.

However, Halo Wars is being natively developed for the 360. This means it probably won't see many of the technical difficulties with prior publications. Since it's Halo, it should be more successful. I know I'll get it.

However, I'll also look for a PC port w/i 5 years.
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