First ODST build "Finished" *Helmet Fan Recommendations ?*


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The person who helped me with the Kit is no longer on the internet/selling now sadly but they really were awesome and helpful throughout.
I debuted this back Feb but I never got to making a post about it. I still have quite some work to do.
Looking for suggestions for Under Suits and softer foam for cheekpads. ( I do have gloves just didn't have them on at that moment"

*Also any recommendations for helmet fans would be greatly appreciated !*

Fixing the armour up for a Con on the 20th


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Rock Lobbster has a pretty good write up from his latest suit

The helmet is here - Mark VII Spartan V Megurine Luka

I believe he has a full parts list linked too.

In general I'd go with a 5v fan of some kind and run it off of a USB battery bank.

Personally, I've purchased fan kits from Henry's Helmet Fans in the past. They are the same thing, but a bit more expensive since they are already wired up.

I have some details on my helmet in a few posts starting here - MrJamin's 3D Printed MK VI Master Chief
I recently got a new 5v computer fan with a USB foe one of my new helmets. Should ome in handy if you're going to a con in summer or spring
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