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What color should i make my armor

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Long Shot

Well this is my first attempt at a pepkura and so far i think it's comin out decent, but it's one in the morning and thats enough for now.




good night
Ultima said:
Dont patronize him! Its pink! Oh well, good job on the folds!

lol thanks. i was actually thinkin about pink or red but haven't completely decided yet. What do you guys think i should paint it.

I know the tape is visible but fot the time being it's holding the parts together so they can dry

and aparently i work much faster in the morning then at 9-1 pm

oh yeh it's gonna be a bit slow goin thogh this morning cuz last night wen i wen t to bed i sliced my pinky on a broken glass >damn dirty dishes :evil: :evil:
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lookin' good so far but what are you going to strengthen it with? oooh! and i see gobstoppers in the backround!!!! good energy my fiend! ;-)
i gotta say it is lookin good. ive made about 3 suits from pepakura and for the strength just use GreatStuff but be careful when it expands it may break your tape :( so make sure you layer on support.
yours looks good iceman. Smile, i'm gonna use great stuff expanding foam to fill the model in, I also bought some fibre glass resin to coat the helmet in when i'm done with it. I'm at my grandparents for the moment so pix wont be up as soon as i like. Plus i gouged up the pinky on a broken glass the other nite so that has been hindering my process, but if it keeps goin at theis rate i should hve the helmet finished by the weekend.
Well i was busy with other projects today but i managed to complete 85% of the helmet. i just wish i had a cam so i sould show the progress. Oh well. I work tomorrow and sunday i'm playin paintball but maybe somewhere in there i can attach the 3 pieces together and finish the helmet. i hpe to be able to resin the thing by monday.
tomorrow i'll finally be home and able to put the 3 main parts together, after that i'm goin to resin the card stock and eventually fibre glass it.

So what color do you guys think i should paint this one. Red or Pink. I was thinking pink since it's one you don't really see, or fight with for that matter.
well i know it's been a while since a pic update so here you go, i finally finished the helmet but i am curios Should it be this big? I would like to know what you guys think before i go ahead and resin it, if it's too big i'll just make another one instead. Please voice tour opinion.
yea its big. did u scale it? i just finished taping mine together. im gonna put up some pics later if anyone wants to see. its a bit messy, but itll do. but your helmet does look goods. :mrgreen:
i know this may seem kinda stupid but what version of the mjolnir armor is the pepakura one in the tutorial, and i have started my new helmet, pix should be up tomorrow
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