First Time Pepakura Noob full RC Build (sev)!

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Before I start I think its important to get a few things off my chest... You guys/girls are an absolute inspiration and have my upmost respect! I have been floating around the 405th as a guest and then member mesmorised by the amazing suits/creations you people have built! For the last few years and I have alway wanted to give suit building a go but with a 3 and 2 year old it just seemed impossible. Now however with a bit more time I'm going to give a full RC a shot and hopefully will be able to pull something passable off for a first timer, please bare with me and don't judge too harshly I figure after I have made this suit I will either do another from scratch or replace the parts one at a time to a higher standard until I have my Sev!

Ok so heres were I am so far, after 3 days of blistered fingers and two attempts at a chest piece I have just finished putting together the chest, back, core (stomach and lower back), cod piece and butt plate. They are now sitting in my kitchen after having a coat of crystal resin to try and toughen them up a bit!

I will be giving them a fibre glass coat but to be honest I lack the confidence to do it straight onto the card and figure I would rip it to shreds, hopefully the crystal resin coat will stop that from happening!

I thought I had measured everything right but after finishing the chest/back i became apparent that my chest was a little bigger then measured so that attempt went into the bin/resin trial. The second attempt faired better (hopefully).

Unfortunately that wasn't my only problem, it turns out that I had a decision to make, either I stop eating, go to the gym for 5 hours a day 7 days a week OR I had to edit my finished butt/cod plate. I tried rescaling it but by the time it would have been wide enough the cod piece would have been cupping my knees! SOOO (and please don't call me a heathen for this) I cut straight between the cheeks :) and added a length of card a couple of cm wide, rather then adding to much and making the front look silly I also cut down either side of the hips following the joints and added a couple of on the fly cut lengths to pull the hips further back to either side and give me a little more room while staying symmetrical, you may not be able to see it but the additional card is lighter then there rest as the printed files were greyed out.

Next up I think I'm gonna attempt the gauntlets and a massive THANK YOU to Fierfex for his/her amazing work! Ill keep this post updated incase anyone is interested but again I really just wanted to say how great you all are and what an inspiration you have all been!

Final thought for the night, if anyone else is doing an RC build I would love to know how you are getting on and also should anyone have any idea where to get RC elbow pad files from I would be forever in your debt! :)

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Ok so a quick update, the crystal hobbyists resin has FINALLY cured.. took about 24 hours but it was worth the wait. rather then solidifying the pieces it has ...i don't know the correct term... plasticised?... it. basically this means I have just managed to squeeze into it to check for sizing and fit before I go an further, it distorts so I can get into it unlike it would after fibreglassing and bondo stage but springs back to shape once on/off! Hopefully this will make it much more forgiving when I start the horribly messy job of fibreglassing! :(
now onto there rest of the upper body stage!
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